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  1. This thread needs more pics also, welcome!
  2. Pokinacha

    Clio Sport 182 Cup

    Hey fella! Glad to see you joined. When I get back to Canberra we’ll have to have a catch up. Maybe we can invite @act180to crawl over his meg4. Ive not seen it yet and being currently unemployed, got plenty of time to faff about.
  3. Luis at Alpine worked in Diepe as far as I believe. Sadly he has since retired and sold the business to a new owner, not one of his mechanics.
  4. yes. need the button that shows all the latest posts. I'm lazy and don't want to have to search/filter.
  5. Haha thanks! I actually think its the reservoir thats the problem. Will change it and see what happens. But all that aside, gorgeous car, drives very much like a meg225. Comfortable, economical and quite quick.
  6. I know the feeling. I got a Giulietta QV for that exact reason. S3s are super quick, but dull compared to a Megane. The GT220 is a nice car, but doesn't have the RS special stuff(perfohub, diff, brakes) but with a few more dollars and a broken RSM, you could transplant the front end of an RS into the GT. Id like to see that
  7. The ZF 8 speed is a brilliant gearbox and considered better than most double clutch units. I'd have it instead of the manual, but I've already let myself out of thos thread. I'll let myself out again
  8. M135is can be had for less than that these days... I'll let myself out
  9. Now I feel bad. But the 172 does have a spare tyre and better suspension that a standard 182...
  10. I had a copper here in Canberra pull me over and after i'd talked my way out of a ticket, he commented that i wasnt a hoon in a hoon car. I was in the Clio with bonnet pins, on coilovers, semislicks, ktec stealth exhaust and ITBs under to hood. yes officer, i'm not a hoon at all... Previously I've been pulled over in my obnoxiously loud Alfa 156 GTA and no questions were asked about the noise or ride height. Just what the engine was.
  11. Sadly I don't think there is a lot of knowledge on the 175 on OZRS due to them being a bit of a rarity. They're not often tuned but I recall when they came out, there were only a few seconds off the RSM225 at Wakefield. As a package there isn't anything that comes close really and with a remap, DPF delete and a few tasty mods, you'd have a very quick car that runs on an oily rag. I had considered it, but my wife and financial adviser suggested that a newer car would be a better option. Plus i want recaros. Good Luck.
  12. With an RStuner, you can awaken the engine. Its exactly the same as an RS265. Get suspension amd brakes from an RS and you're set...
  13. Soo i think the question is now, can you stick a F4RT in the Scenic with Cup suspension? A scenic manula can be had for $2k A F4RT shouldn't be that much and Im sure there is someone out there selling some suspension/hub parts...
  14. To be fair, he did only say from takeoff. Could be the first 10m where the scenic is the king. Both the WRX and M3 have very specific higher power bands and the Scenic would be designed for low down pulling power not hight end BHP...
  15. Whats the kerb weight of a Scenic? Will RS suspension fit on it?
  16. Orrrr create a newbie post about your car and suggest a price if someone wanted to take it off your hands... everything is for sale at the right price eh?
  17. Sorry to hijack the thread talking about Alfa's But that sucks! Did you have the sh*tty plastic high pressure fuel rail hose split and piss petrol everywhere? That happened to my GTA too. Luckily it didn't melt anything. To the OP, The PH 3 200 is a great car. I drove one around Europe for 11,000kms including the Nurburgring, through Modena, Tuscany and into Monaco and it didn't look out of place anywhere. Comfy and relatively fuel efficient considering they do 4000rpm at 140km/h on the autobahn/autostradas
  18. You swapped the 147 for an RSM 265. Miss the Busso?
  19. Surely the PH3 RSC200 would be the brutish option? Better brakes, engine, GB etc... Are there any availible in Tassie? I would suggest that you find one and drive it unless your lady is not into manuals.
  20. As a local Bathurst boy you have a great car in a great city. Just look out for those pesky HWY patrol bastards sitting at the bottom of Mt Pan. Welcome
  21. going from a CV8 to a meg Trophee 250? interesting change. good change but interesting. I know this is like comparing chalk and cheese but care to give a comparo between your monaro and your meg?
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