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Hey everyone


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Hi everyone, after years of 4wd's, v8's and jap imports I thought I'd try a French car out, a few small things aside the 172 sport has proven to be great so far. 

First up I'm looking at some new rims but width and offsets seem to limit the clio sport a bit. I've found a nice set of 15x7.5 in et28, how would these go in terms of scrubbing? The car will stay the stock height more or less but may cop a little bit of camber as I drive mainly hills roads here in s.a.


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Cheers guys, it is quite tidy besides a small scrape on the passenger side. 

As for wheel selection I've scaled back to 15x7  with 195/50's but would like to run a bit lower offset if it's possible without being a pain in the backside. 

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16x7 ET40 over here (with 20mm front spacers on the front) and roughly stock ride height, no scrubbing over here. When I had a super low Clio previously, it was the rear inner arch that fouled (as pointed out by Moosey).

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16x7 FTW,  anything in that 30-40 offset range should be fine. Have run 16x7.5 on a previous car with an et of 30 on coilovers and had very slight rubbing on the rears on track.

Clio looks way better on 16's and I still maintain handles better as well.

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I'm sticking with 15's for the moment as I've got a set of toyo's and brand new kumhos on the stock rims but the rims themselves have had a bloody hard life. 

I grabbed these 15x7's in et35 bloody cheap but I'm guessing I'll have to swap over to thread and wheel nuts instead of the standard bolts. 


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