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  1. I'd spend my dosh on the fronts since the power is all to the front and car is pretty light. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Welcome Llyod. Keen to know your thoughts of the lsd once you give it some beans.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm a shortie , so that probably affects the driving position and experience. Enjoy the new beast mate.
  4. Congrats on the purchase! How did you find the drive compared to the pug?
  5. +1 for e-go. Cheap and quick.
  6. Yeh I thought so too. Thanks for trying to help.
  7. I tried that, but it just comes up as normal text?
  8. Hi guys, Silly question,but how do we tag other users in a post ? Tia. Chi
  9. Hi guys, just some first hand experience when claiming: - took about 3 weeks to reach a final decision, although they blamed the towing company for delay of photos for assessment for the claim officer - they were happy to extend the car hire at no extra charge due to the delay - when dealing with different consultants, they didn't seem to be aware of conversations between myself and their colleagues, i.e. I had to explain each time about the extension of the car hire due to the delay Otherwise I was happy with the outcome but not the efficiency.
  10. Good news, I'm now getting notifications, but... I'll get a notification for each time I receive a like for the same post. All good, I'm happy to get some kind of notification. Keep up the great work team Oz Rs.
  11. Congrats and good to see a phase 1.
  12. ^ + 1 Would be very difficult to get a low kms one for that price. But you never know, with a bit of luck and patience.
  13. Good idea about a notice for scheduled maintenance work. I noticed Tapatalk wasn't working but usually allow a week before posting something up.
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