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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Nov 15th - VIC - See Social Events section for details/RSVP


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  1. ALLEZ

    Hey everyone

    Such a great great car. Congratulations. Your cheeks will hurt from the smiling!
  2. ALLEZ

    Reunited at last

    Haha fair enough! Well let's just say I've been in touch with koya works and otherwise trying to figure out where I can find an akrapovic system that isn't 5k to get from k-tec. What a sweet lineup you've had! At some point there'll have to be a proper catch up!
  3. ALLEZ

    Reunited at last

    Thanks for the info mate. What did you fit?
  4. ALLEZ

    Reunited at last

    Thanks everyone. Hey walkie! Still got the miltek? My memory is hazy. Maybe there's a search function. Pretty sure we did a miltek group buy. Three sleeps to go until she's registered. Bloody torture!
  5. ALLEZ

    Reunited at last

    Hi everyone It's such a joyous occasion to be reunited with this supremely exciting and wonderful marque. A long time ago, as a 19 year old I joined this forum as 'Swish' with a black Clio 182. I loved that car. It had a Miltek system, a bmc cda and focal speakers. It was so exciting. Drive days, learning and camaraderie followed. The community was so good. Alas as time passed and the daily grind set in I sold the clio to a good friend who took on my forum account for a little while until the gearbox finished and the car went the way many old loved things do only you can't rem
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