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New member with Megane 265 Cup & Clio 197T


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Hi guys,

my name is Rene and I come from Zagreb, Croatia.

I own a Clio 197 (turbocharged, not a Meglio) & a Megane 265 Cup (with 20T hybrid setup).





2015-05-28 15.45.19.jpg



A couple of existing members recommended me this forum due to the fact we make uprated ball joints for the RS Clio mk3 and Megane Mk3/4.



Also, we make lightweight crankshaft pulleys for the RS Megane mk2/3, Clio Mk2/3.







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2 hours ago, Docmattic said:


How do you find the hybrid turbo on the megane? Have you had it installed long? 


It was a friends car first, he had 19T installed and it was great. Then another friend kept asking me for my 19T to install into his R26...it was too good offer to refuse so I sold him 19T and bought 20T. 

Now the car has 348bhp od 378bhp depending on the dyno. IMHO, that's borderline power for track days, but if you use it for a straight line racing/street racing then it's never enough. :D

IMHO, the best(buy) setup is Stage 2 with 310-330bhp, in the meantime invest in the suspension, brakes, tires and of course - in yourself. 

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Are the prices each or a pair? 

How much for the lightweight pulley? Megane 3 RS 

Pozdrav iz Sidneja 




prices are for one ball joint + shipping.

The pulley is £100 + shipping.


Here's my Megane with the lightweight pulley.




Bogme nas/vas ima. Lijepo za vidjeti!


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