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  1. Dobro došao, mašine su ti extra a pogotovo Megane😉
  2. I’ve had my 265 for almost 5 years, it’s got stage1 tune and no trouble whatsoever.
  3. Gordie from Etuners is great guy and really good tuner😉
  4. Etuners Motosport if you want a good tune, did my 265 there, I think few of the guys from here got there tunes done by them.
  5. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    I think integra type R would beat it on track definitely, it's more powerful and lighter, mechanical lsd, extra welds troughout, lightweight rims, big brakes it would hard to beat by lots of new modern cars
  6. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    Thanks mate, Honda type Rs are awesome cars, very race focused, very cheap to run and bulletproof, just change oil regularly and they go forever, they love high revs and all the power between 5500 and 8500rpm so you need to develop specific driving style to use full potential of the car, if you want to get one JDM models are the best
  7. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    Here is quick photo I just took
  8. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    Well I became a Renault owner for first time ever. Looked at few cars, I was gonna go and get new Clio RS, even had a look at new VW polo and golf gti but than I had a drive in RS265 and there was no going back, I found the one I realy fell in love with, it's 2014 (facelift) RS 265 Cup, liquid yellow with black 18" rims, it's like new car, has only 5000km and I'm the first owner (it ex demo) I had it only for a day now but I can tell you this car is loads of fun
  9. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    Hehe I don't think fit would be anything special, I had integra type R and JDM version of civic type R, super fwd cars, super na engines and brilliant suspension but unfortunately in last 10 years there has been nothing interesting from Honda, so my choice is Clio RS, it clicks lots of things that car should click for me hehe
  10. Ljubo1981

    Hi All

    Not yet the owner of Renault but hopefully I'll be the owner of Clio RS IV in next month or two, hope to learn a bit more about RS, anything I should be aware of when looking at second hand one?? Any known problems?? So far I was Honda man, had few type Rs, S2000 so this will be my first non Honda car
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