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  1. I'm sorry to say it but ugly rims and "questionable" tires. These plastic flaps don't make it any better.
  2. Go to 2010-2012 in the timeline. http://web.archive.org/web/20150206052610/http://renaultsport.co.uk/roadcars/heritage
  3. From what I know the 250 Sport is the only one not having an LSD. Everything else (250 Cup or with Cup package, 265 and 275) will have an LSD over here in Europe. I'm not 100% sure on the ones from the French Gendarmerie but guess you're not going to get one of these anyway. I'm from a German RS community cliors.de/meganers.de. You're welcome to ask your questions over there in the Megane 3 RS area. Most people will understand and know at least enough rudimentary English to help you out.
  4. Hello and welcome! Nice first ride you got there. Sorry to hear about that "bleeder" thing but you're in good company knowing how many Emperors, Kings, Tsars and Princes also had this disease. Great to hear that the medication you found works out for you and allows you to take part in motorsports and makes your life easier in general.
  5. @chris043: Both cars seem to sport the same 17" Cup rims. I wouldn't know that these are available in 18".
  6. Welcome! A nice version that you have there.
  7. @Phillyphil: I've got a message from our forum dealer. He thinks the replicas don't have the holograms. The originals cost about 610,- AUD but he can get them for about 535,- if you're interested. The problem is they're on backorder which means he can't give you an estimated delivery time. Are you interested?
  8. Just make sure they've the holograms and aren't only white stripes. Just to let you know. My source is currently on vacation. So I won't get an answer from him for about the next two weeks. Tell me if you're sourcing from somewhere else in the meantime, please.
  9. I'd slap the marshall if he'd dare to put the sticker directly on the stripe. That aside the ones on the roof also look a bit knackered. I've contacted one of my sources. Lets see if he can organise a set. If not I'm going to ask the Frenchies. I'm wondering if you're aware that they were also available in Deep Black, Ultra Red and Nimbus Grey? The latter two are very, very rare and could only be ordered in France I was told.
  10. Best colour for Gordinis in my opinion. I've an Akra Evo on mine also installed by the previous owner and it's awesome. Seems your Gordini stripes could need a little refreshment. If you need help with sourcing some replacements in case you want to fix them just tell me.
  11. Welcome and congratualtions! I assume you've a blue Gordini? P.S. Tell your friend to have the driver door aligned again (if that wasn't done already).
  12. Nice to see somebody from Hrvatska over here, welcome.
  13. The facelift trophy I think comes with an akra. The RS16 (I think it's called) also does. That was an option and not all will have one. You presumably mean the R.S. 18 special edition.
  14. If you really want to track it you should think about upgrading the brakes first.
  15. Congrats and welcome in the matt grey club.
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