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  1. so this finally happened to my car despite the fact I always closed the door from the top of the pannel/window sill. only this is mine actually snapped the plastic where the bolt mates to the inner handle. Pictures to come but I guess i better get handy with some DIY. Did anyone actually ever have any luck getting an admission of faulty design from renault through an out of warranty fix at all
  2. Cheers guys, they came up quiet expensive to perth. Surprisingly even couriers please was cheaper.
  3. So who has shipped wheels and tires and who did you use. Need to move 4 wheels and tires from Londonderry NSW to Perth
  4. Hey mate, I have had the timing belt on my 265 done by the guys at Eurocare and was happy with their work. Can't talk about the others unfortunately. If you do end up getting one you should join our little community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/749569791791741/. Scott
  5. Those are non projector halogen headlights so you should be able to put better globes in. Keep in mind retrofitting a HID kit state dependant is illegal unless you have washers and an automatic leveling system. Yes been in a car and seen a cop book and sticker someone for it in VIC. As for brakes depending on what sort of driving I highly recommend the guys from brakesdirect cheapest i have seen by far sale or not and super helpful.
  6. Hey mate, I have an RB8 over here and always keen for a drive and that
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