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  1. Hey mate, I have had the timing belt on my 265 done by the guys at Eurocare and was happy with their work. Can't talk about the others unfortunately. If you do end up getting one you should join our little community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/749569791791741/. Scott
  2. Those are non projector halogen headlights so you should be able to put better globes in. Keep in mind retrofitting a HID kit state dependant is illegal unless you have washers and an automatic leveling system. Yes been in a car and seen a cop book and sticker someone for it in VIC. As for brakes depending on what sort of driving I highly recommend the guys from brakesdirect cheapest i have seen by far sale or not and super helpful.
  3. Aussie_Pilot

    Noisy EDC

    Hey mate and sorry to hear that your having trouble with your gear box. I have to say the dealers here in WA are pretty average. Not sure who you are seeing at the moment out of Melvile Osbourne Park or Wangara, but generally Id say when you talk to them don't talk to the service reception guy ask to speak to the service manager (Carl is the guy at Osbourne Park) and get them to have a mechanic join the chat. the skips at least two of the steps. Once you get them to agree its not normal then push that if it not normal and the computer doesn't know whats wrong then they might have to do some old fashioned Mechanical work and pull it out and manually inspect it.
  4. Hey mate, I have an RB8 over here and always keen for a drive and that
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