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  1. I think there needs to be a good balance. If it’s a known spot where cars and motor bikes like to go I feel that perhaps the push bikes should respect their space a little. It’s a big area out there. ive run into a few cyclists lists out there riding three abreast out into the middle of the road refusing to move for cars And let them pass so it does go both ways, same as some car drivers are just dicks. Which one mate? The cae style skeleton shifter or the other less expensive one. I’ve done both and both are good. I’m happy to show you my car if you are consider
  2. I was the same. Wanted red but ended up getting white with red stripes down the sides. I always had the intentions to take the decals off but they really grew on me in the end. With a good wax I find the white really shines at night time.
  3. Hey Paul, Welcome. I’m from Canberra as well. Meg3s are great cars. While they do suffer a few minor niggles. Overall they are pretty bulletproof and most things are pretty minor. I’ve had mine for a few years now and never had a single issue. Do you have any specific questions about them?
  4. Congrats on the puchase mate. They are great cars. Plan on buying any fun new parts?
  5. I have the moonroof. I love it. And yes does provide more headroom and just makes the cabin feel more open. However it is literally a glass roof in the sense that you can't open the glass itself. I've got the leather standard seats with heating. I really like those and find they hold me in enough even when really pushing it. I was throwing up between them and Recaros when buying but now find the seats that I got perfect for daily driving and comfort while still being very good for the spirited drive(I don't tent to hold back either). If I was at the track a lot the Recaros would be a mus
  6. Sorry mate thats simply not right 100k is well documented - as per books and check the countless threads on here about the topic. Otherwise you would have to change timing belt every 4 services..... Which would be way over the top I bought it privatly but got a quote from Alessi to do the pre-puchase inspection and cost of belt. They told me aux belt and water pump had to be added to their quote though so probably would have ended up at about 1100. Add in the coolant and rest of service items its about 1600. Shame their gone. They seemed to be decent.
  7. I think it really depends where you live and if you have the ability to shop around. I've been quoted at renault albury (where I bought my car) $700 but went local for convenience and paid more (but also got water pump amd coolant done) . I've seen people in Melbourne say $900 others say $2k. So it can get pricey. Might be worth ringing around places in your area to get an idea.
  8. Aside from the timing belt, (4 years or every 100k kms) the rs is not too expensive if you are able to maintain it yourself. Most services are only oil and oil filter change, air filter change, cabin filter change (this one is annoying and I only change when it smells (as per renotech advice) ) , check your levels of coolant and washer fluid. Occasionally change fuel filter and plugs, coolant and gearbox oil. I have 60k on mine, break disks are great, just ordered a set of front pads and only because I want to freshen them up. They are generally reliable. I havent had anything go wrong w
  9. I've got a cobra catted downpipe (entire turbo back in fact) . Have not had any issue with it. Be prepared to pay a bit for the install as it does take a few hours. Requires drive shafts to be removed for access. Great sound though. Also have the Wagner intercooler. Reno tech recommended this one as it still let's air flow to the rad. Been faultless so far. I got next to no heat soak through summer after struggling the one prior in day to day driving. I'd also recommend the 4ch short shifter. Great kit for the money and really makes the gearbox feel more sporty.
  10. It's a fairly cheap mod. IMO ask them to replace the muffler with a smaller sports one as well. You will get more bangs and a better sound. Good bang for buck there. Should be out for less than 400 if I were to guess. I went for the full turbo back system so haven't done this. But I have heard guys who did the resonator and muffler delete. It sounded pretty good but just needed a small sport muffler to give it a smoother tone.
  11. I have the leather seats in the cup plus. Like you I originally wanted recaroa however, I haven't got to the track as much as I thought and as a daily, the non recaro leather seat is fantastic!!!
  12. I find the difference between pre and post face lift is that all cars in the face lift get the large screen display with sat nav and the rs monitor (allows for adjustable throttle mapping) where pre face-lift its either the screen with sarnav or the rs monitor. However the problem is that the controls for the satnav cover the only usable cup holder in the car. So I opted for preface lift version with the rs monitor as I got the cup holder function. Was important to me.
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