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  1. Welcome mate. Haven't driven an rs280 yet but own a 265. Great cars. I think we need some pictures!
  2. I had this problem too with BP ultimate when Paul came to Aust earlier this year. Wish I had got a better batch in there, I'm sure it cost me some power gains.
  3. Welcome!!! How do you find the hybrid turbo on the megane? Have you had it installed long?
  4. I don't think there are any specialized places in canberra (I'm from there as well. Have 2013 magane cup ±) I'd look up any common things to look out for, make a list and get nrma or a decent workshop to look over it. If you go to Sydney to buy, get renotech to look over it. It's been a great car for me so far. Had it for about 2 years. It's a fairly easy car to service yourself as well as far as general maintenance goes. The cabin filter is a PITA though. Also, when buying, Check if the timing belt is due or has been done. It's a pricey service. It's due at 100000kms or 4 years, which ever comes first.
  5. It's worth waiting for the right one. Where are you located? If you are in the ACT you are welcome to check mine out re shudders etc. Mine rarely shudders. It's only if I'm in sport and I hit the throttle enthusiasticly and then have to clutch quickly. Im also sometimes a bit clunky shifting gears in normal mode after driving in sport mode due to different thottle map settings. Does this sound like what happens to you?
  6. That's the list. I actually did have the head bolts leak. It was so easy to fix I forgot about it haha.
  7. I bought a 2013 265 cup + two years ago with similar concerns. I have not had a single issue. After I purchased, I was later talking with Julian from renotech who looks after these cars everyday. He told me the Meganes 250/265/275(when serviced regularly) are one of the most reliable performance cars there are. One of the only cars track ready out of the box. Also I have seen many in car sales with over 200000kms on the clock, which I found encouraging. Just look for one with a good service record, get a pre purchase inspection done to make sure everything is good and check if the timing belt has been replaced. I it hasn't and is due, you will need to budget for that in near future. They do have their known problems. I cant remember all of them and I've never had any yet. One I do remember is the inner door handles can break (usually when windy) because of their design and placement. But I find that it's easier to close the door by grabbing the door card near the window anyway. You can remove the door card an reinforce the handles anyway as a minor mod. Mine only shudders sometimes when I push the clutch in. I think usually it's when in first gear and it sport mode. It will happen if I I push the accelerator quickly then reclutch for any reason. Car just doesn't like it. It's more of a lurch though. I'll pay attention and see if I notice it any other time
  8. Docmattic

    My Megane RS

    Welcome to the club. It's a fantastic car.
  9. How was the stage 3 Golf R? I'm assuming it would have been similar to the one Mighty Car Mods just put together.
  10. Welcome. I assume you will spend most of the night driving anyway haha.
  11. Docmattic


    Hows this for luck and timing! One in Canberra just went up for sale a few minutes ago:
  12. Docmattic


    The Meganes are very much worth a look as well.
  13. https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html I used this one but got it from Ktec. If you do get it and are installing yourself, just be wary when removing and installing the roll pin. (While this may not make much sense now), Instructions say you need large pliers to reinstall. However in my experience, you will also need a pair of vice grips so you can adjust the leverage point easily and nudge the roll pin pack in slowly. Also, note there is a smaller roll pin within the large one. These have to be separated installed separately, one at a time - the pin will get stuck otherwise.
  14. Fixed with a short shifter kit. It feels much better! I think its one of the best mods you can do for the meg3
  15. Docmattic

    RS280 Cup.

    What a pain in the ass. Are the windows tinted by any chance? Thinking it could be a bad tinting job for that side of things?
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