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  1. https://www.short-shifters.com/pk4018-shift.html I used this one but got it from Ktec. If you do get it and are installing yourself, just be wary when removing and installing the roll pin. (While this may not make much sense now), Instructions say you need large pliers to reinstall. However in my experience, you will also need a pair of vice grips so you can adjust the leverage point easily and nudge the roll pin pack in slowly. Also, note there is a smaller roll pin within the large one. These have to be separated installed separately, one at a time - the pin will get stuck otherwise.
  2. Fixed with a short shifter kit. It feels much better! I think its one of the best mods you can do for the meg3
  3. Docmattic

    RS280 Cup.

    What a pain in the ass. Are the windows tinted by any chance? Thinking it could be a bad tinting job for that side of things?
  4. I'd look at this one. 16999 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-renault-megane-r-s-250-cup-manual/SSE-AD-5938104/
  5. Great deal on the car! Can't really give any input, but just saw you are from Canberra. We'll have to go for a drive one time. Question in general. Is everyones aircon quite loud when running hard in summer? Mine seems to be working fine but there is a lot of what I would describe as fan noise outside the car. Just want see if thats something I should look at.
  6. Welcome. Great car. Got any pictures?
  7. I had too (excluding one) up until this year when I picked up a 265. I did have to get the belts done but it has been trouble free so far. The only small issue I've had is a small leak from one of the rocker cover bolts that I thought was fixed. However, i've noticed a slight misfire at idol again, so i'm assuming a little oil has leaked into a sparkplug. I gave the engine a good degreasing last night so hopefully I can see the culprit over the next few days. As a help Ive seen a lot of the models that have proximity locks go bad. Glad I stayed away from that option.
  8. Docmattic


    Car looks mint. I really like those wheels. Roh Korsa I believe. What size are they!
  9. Docmattic

    RS265 or RS250?

    I think if it depends if you want to retune. If you do both will end up the same. If you don't, i'd go with the 265 so you get the most power.
  10. If your not looking at chucks car, which is immaculate. This might be worth a look. I'd ask for close up of the driver seat as it looked odd in the photos. Low kms, good price. Timing belt done. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2012-Renault-Megane-RS-265-Cup-Manual/SSE-AD-5673003?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-5673003
  11. Docmattic

    New owner!

    Looks great mate. How any kms? I have the same version in white. Grey looks really good!
  12. Docmattic

    RS265 or 275

    It's about 7kw difference so my opinion is you won't feel it at all. Personally I'd get myself a bargain on a 265 and save some coin and put an exhaust and air intake on, perhaps even a retune if it's your thing. But I do like the alacantara interior on some of the 275s.
  13. I'd agree, but my Clio has been good. Problem is it seems to be luck of the draw. yeah, and if they are putting this tech in so many new vehicles it really shouldn't feel like that. Companies need to do a much better job at ensuring the tech works well before mass producing it. And then, if they know one way is more susceptible to problems (dry clutch for example) then don't use it to save a few bucks. I'm sure people paying for a car would prefer to pay an extra $500 (or whatever it is) on the total cost of the car for the better tech, to ensure their transmission doesn't fail. I wouldn't mind if they passed the difference on at cost......or better yet, just use a transmission that is good and reliable. New tech isn't always better...proven reliability is, especially if its in an econobox. End rant haha
  14. As the owner of a Ford Focus with DCT (wife's car), if it was me purchasing anything with the option for a DCT or a manual...I'd choose the manual. DCT is a fucking disaster waiting to happen. At least the driver is in control with a manual and if the transmission dies due to poor driving - its on you and not completely out of your control.
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