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  1. I was hoping you wouldn't notice. So your shudder might be from the previous owner not using a clutch properly or not bedding in a clutch in adequately. It shouldn't shudder. So back to the hijack...going by some test runs, 2nd will be the go. 1st is too much wheel spin and 3rd has too much lag to overcome. Watching a few YouTube videos, most WRXs & EVOs change to 2nd prior to the green light whereas the bigger capacity and bigger HP cars go from 1st. Now I need to think about tyre pressures and suspension settings.
  2. Not necessary. If a dephaser is needed then that’s determined by age, mileage and condition.
  3. I think they do have courtesy cars. They have customers come from Newcastle. They used to have a mobile service, you’ll need to check with them if that’s still available.
  4. Welcome! Best option is RenoTech in Hornsby. Conveniently next to the train station. I hear they’re pretty good.
  5. One attempts to be doing 50km/h but some seem to be doing 10km/h faster/slower. You’re meant to be level when you cross the line. I guess I need to work out what RPM I’m at for either gear at 50km/h. I’ve got about 100Nm more now at 3,000RPM so 2nd may work. I’ll probably end up trying both on the night.
  6. It’s not something I experience. Are you depressing the pedal too slowly? On another note, I’m about to do a Roll Racing event and need to work out to start from 50km/h in 2nd or 1st? The extra gear change takes time and time off throttle but 50km/h in 2nd may not be ideal for torque. However, being in 2nd could help avoid excessive wheel spin. Discuss...
  7. Now that you own a Gallic car you have to be, even just a little bit. We all are.
  8. You’d be crazy to modify something so good from the factory, wouldn’t you? No...wait... As you were.
  9. Welcome! I haven’t noticed[mention=16305]Apex[/mention] be active here for quite a while now but if you can get a hold of him, he’d be the person to get advice from.
  10. Yep, Ohlins (+ RSC Upgrade Kit) will soon be available. RobbieR, they're so good that it would be silly to replace them. Oh, wait... Yes, the Akra has been sold. Also for sale soon will be an F4RT. Might as well do an LS1 conversion and rear wheel drive. Right?
  11. There’ll be an LSD out of a Trophy R available soon!
  12. DOOOOK

    Howdy guys 👋

    Nice one! I didn’t realise you were on here. We met at the last DS Track Day and had a chat about you looking at a Megane in Melbourne. You’ll have to jump in at the next track day and give me a few pointers!
  13. DOOOOK

    Hello Hello Hello

    Will it be a trailer queen or remain road registered? Here's Pete's ride thread which is an inexpensive way of making a handy 250 for the track: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/28824-track-only-megane-rs250/
  14. DOOOOK

    Another megane

    Yup! Wet track days are still a lot of fun and in some ways better for learning car control. Plenty of run-off area. Just don’t be silly when coming onto the straight after exiting (arguably) the slowest corner on an Australian track.
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