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French Guy With No French Car


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Hey guys, My name is Pierre and im from South Australia.

Joined up with recommendation from my friend sammi_jm with his mintest of the mint Trophy 8:08 :sicko:


So keen to join the Renault team 
Currently booked to see a mint RS225 on the weekend  :headbang: Hopefully goes well

Been in Australia for about 16 years but was french born in Beauvais, 1hr north of Paris.

Growing up my parents had a few mercedes including a 280SE and 280SL, but we had a Peugeot 205 GTI as a runabout car. 

Jap cars have always tickled my fancy since Gran Turismo days. 
I've had an R33 Skyline, Civic , MY13 WRX , MY15 WRX. 
and now I have a great weekend car 
Its a personally imported Evo 9 Wagon, imported from the previous owner
It's a really special car which is super easy to drive but also has its crazy side with 270kw at the wheels.


Hoping to get my own Renault soon and make it a beast!
  :headbang:  :headbang:  :headbang:

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Welcome, jealous of the Evo IX wagon!!

Ha I went to beauvais cathedral in April

:o I hope to head back soon


Welcome to the fold, very cool car you have right now.


How much would an Evo 9 wagon fetch these days? hmm...

Cheers! Market atm would be around $45k

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I have a weird love of fast wagons and that Evo just looks mad. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:


Wagon love is not weird, please.

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Thanks all!  :headbang:


Evo 9 wagon is a seriously cool bit of kit. That wasn't the one wagon we had in NSW was it? There can't be more than a hand full of those in Australia right now.

Yeah i picked it up from Sydney about a year ago! 
There's 4 registered in Aus but a few hiding  :wink:



If you get a 225 then you'll end up with the best model of them all...he he...


Wanted a R26 but abit too much $$ atm for me.

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rob, have some crossiants for me please, strawberry jam and butter - fill us in on your adventure when you're back, Aust is better lol, Paris is well ~ congested haha... Enjoy the time and soak in the museums :yes::news:

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Welcome ! I'm typing this from Paris ????


Evo wagon is very very cool . Looking forward to pics of your 225 too

A mate of mine went to Europe years ago and when he returned I asked him what it was like. He said it was an ABC tour and when I enquired he said 'Another Bloody Church', so I gathered that he got a bit sick of seeing them. I would be guessing that's not your focus. ☺

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