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  1. A Saab 9-5 Aero has always been on my 'must haves' list. Having a manual wagon in that colour makes it the ultimate spec! Also @walkie86 - I'm fairly sure that any Saab purchase is an instant tax deduction for any architect as it is a tool of the trade.
  2. The car was a driving instructor's vehicle if modified like that.... Actually, I do remember a Clio around town which was used as one - perhaps this is the car!

    New GT 220 owner

    Nice GT220! As for the best place to get parts - buy the time you factor in shipping, it can be just as cheap buying locally.
  4. Which is about the market rate for a decent 182 with reasonable KM.
  5. The Clio is surprisingly big inside. I'm 6'2' and fit fine. Infact, I prefer the driving position in it to a Fiesta of the same vintage. As for the interior, the Megane is bigger in every regard - it is a bigger class of car. I'm driving one today and its a nice change from the 182.
  6. There are plenty of wheel and tyre options for the Clio - spacers are the least of your worries! Suspension refresh is probably the best starting point for any Clio. Even changing small things can be a world of difference depending on how many kays are on the car... Will keep my eyes out for it around Sydney!
  7. Optimum spec is a 250 Cup Trophee with a good service history for sub 20k. Has all the good bits like recaros, xenons etc - The market doesn't seem to differentiate between price and spec all that much!
  8. Welcome to OzRS - all great choices! I have a Megane 250 for sale! http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/27489-nsw-megane-rs-250-cup-trophee/
  9. There's mine which is the exact same spec and has had a fair bit of remedial work done : ) https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2011/SSE-AD-4405245
  10. Dang - Had my eyes on that car! Will keep my eyes out for it at Christmas! FYI - I believe the Clio Williams lives in The Hills
  11. Was 800ish including the tensioners (no water pump) from memory! Good luck with the hunt. As what Ace said - there's little price difference between a Cup and a Cup Trophee. Get the latter and it has so much kit for the cash!
  12. I've seen one on the road in Sydney - so so so cool! Welcome to OzRS
  13. 250 Cup Trophee - even then it was an option!
  14. I'll be in NL in Jan Always had a soft spot for the Twingo. The PH1 is an odd thing to look at, but meant to be a great car from all accounts. Surprisingly, you still see a fair few out on the roads!
  15. A cheaper car can come and bite you in the long run. It's a buyers market out there. Plenty to choose from around the 25k mark! Also, it seems as though there is little price difference between a Cup and Cup Trophee...
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