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  1. It's so easy to tell a car that's missing a cat that should be present. You can smell it from 100m away. Last I checked, the police also have functional noses. Much as I like wicked engine noise (having lost a muffler myself), I certainly don't want to smell it nor do I want to suffer the health detriments that come with it. Don't be that guy. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. I remember that sound system was bizarrely good in my car as well! I had a 2004 second gen, so certainly less interesting but was still a very good taster for the sublime (and mildly rattly) Saab driving experience. Might make my way down to Bowral this month, always looking for a cars and coffee type event to check out.
  3. Welcome to the fold. I don't have a Clio 2 to offer you but could I just sit in your 9-5 and be taken for a drive one day before you sell it? What a beautiful thing! Just drooling over the pics right now. I've had a 9-3 Aero in the past which was a gem but have always wanted to experience a 9-5 Aero! Can already imagine just how much better it would be, and that's before all your hard work poured into it...
  4. cloudy

    Unlikely Choice?

    A 166 you say.... pre facelift or post facelift? photos please
  5. @jim60t did a great writeup on a DIY ITG style induction kit. Feeds air in from behind the front bumper:
  6. cloudy

    Wanting an R26

    Paul V runs AP Automotive and is incredibly highly regarded for anything French. Other options include Collier's in Parramatta, should Hornsby be too far for your needs. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Welcome! Renotech are absolutely the boys to use if you're in Sydney. Going by your postcode you're a pretty decent drive across Galston Gorge to get to them too which is always a bonus Do pop into the thread linked below and stick in your build number # for the phase 1 register!
  8. I hope mine was sent out in the last batch - been checking my letterbox every afternoon in anticipation for this sticker!!
  9. Great new design - just ordered one too. Thank you!!
  10. Did you follow up the muffler install with a custom tune to actually make use of its potential performance benefits? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  11. I hope they have done a far better job implementing the 6DCT450 in the Meg 4 than they did in the Mondeo. It's a sublime gearbox once it gets going, but whatever Ford did with the transmission mapping at low speed is just criminal... I've lost at least one interested buyer because of it.
  12. Beautiful DC2R and S14. Great machines, a DC2R needs to make its way into my garage one day. Mate of mine might end up in an S chassis soon and I'm looking forward to giving it a spin. That said a 250 cup trophee should make a perfect replacement! Will be an excellent daily driver for you and before long you might even get a 172 to share the driveway
  13. Did a quick browse of the forums: Keepitlow's thread is pretty photobucket heavy: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/27786-keepitlows-15-rs265-cup-premium-pic-heavy/ This one as well: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/23017-uk-200t-owner-saying-hi/&tab=comments#comment-471366
  14. I found this script that has been made specifically for rehosting photobucket images on imgur, and updating forum posts in the db: https://github.com/pastudan/photobucket-imgur I've looked into the code and it looks like a pretty elegant bit of coding and nothing malicious to worry about. Essentially : run a db query to scrape all posts with photobucket links and output to a file posts.txt run convert.js to do all the rehosting and generate a mapping file run replace.js to update db as per mapping file Obviously need a linux machine to run the script and a backup db to test replace.js on before running on prod db. Hope that helps!
  15. From putting together a quick script on my laptop just now, I reckon it wouldn't be particularly hard to write something like that but would require someone with direct read/write database access to scrape it for all photobucket links and whether our database host would permit direct access or not is a different matter. A Rails or Python script can easily pull the direct photo link out of the photobucket hosting page, upload it to imgur and update the database record with said imgur link.
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