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Hi Everyone. A New Liq Yellow Owner Here.


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Liquid Gold.


I'm just guessing that's the acronym that everybody seems to be using for Liquid Gold.

Initially had me wondering what the hell a Korean electronics manufacturer had to do with our cars.

Aside from the MediaNav.


Oh Crap...

Just realised, it's Liquid Yellow.


And now I can't edit the name of the topic. 

What a dumb a***!

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Thanks for the welcome!


And it must be a chick thing.

I just showed my wife and she thought it wasn't reasonable too.


Me, I think for practicality reasons it would be best to have both, as some car spaces in the city can be very tight so it's best practice to have the right tool for the job.

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I was asked the question yesterday and not sure if I answered about what have I owned so far. In starting order:


1979 KE55 corolla - first car and first stereo

VL commodore - biggest stereo and cut off Springs that would fall out over large potholes

Hyundai excel - first new car and first track car. Don't scoff, it was happily lapping Wakefield in 1.17.

1989 Mazda MX5 - my first real track car which spent almost every weekend for a year at supersprints. Had a towbar and trailer for my jack and track wheels.

Toyota RAV4 - grumpy girlfriend didn't like the MX. Nuff said!

1998 Mazda MX5- ended up supercharged. Bloody awesome!! (girlfriend dumped)

1993 Subaru liberty wagon - converted it myself to an RS after buying an imported front cut. Wife didn't like the fuel consumption so it went.

Nissan bluebird, Suzuki grand vital xl7, VW golf, Honda integra, Honda accord euro - all during daddy day care period. Quiet time.

VW Polo tdi - quick little tractor

VW Polo GTI - needed a petrol car :wink:

Skoda Octavia VRS - still have her, awesome car. Best all rounder. Ever.


Clio IV RS - Rocky :) back to my smile as I drive days.


That covers my personal cars.


Work wise:

Hilux Ute's, land cruisers, Nissan patrols, Mitsubishi pajeros, Holden rodeos, Holden commodore v6/8, falcon 6/v8, Toyota camry (4/v6/hybrid), prius, tarago, Kluger, Calais, caprice, Subaru tribeca, forester, VW passat, multivan and currently in a VW cc which I should still be in for another 2 years.

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I didn't think the 18" anthracite rims were an option? Did you upgrade them on a sport or change them from the black on a Cup?


I upgraded them onto my Sport. 

I wanted the ride to be halfway between the Sport and the Cup.


+1 those anthracite wheels look tits. I've been wondering if the anthracite would look alright on the stock 17's of the clio...


I agree there.

I think the colour is better matched with the other grey accents that are on the car (lower door trims, front and rear splitter).


Seeing as the LY gets the black door handles I just thought it was overly black.

Needed some contrast.

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