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  1. There's no rocker cover gasket. They leak from the cam cover bolts. Plenty of posts on here that cover how to fix it. I think you also get the plus of keyless lock/unlock which you don't get on the Cup Premium. Just touch the handle and enter and just walk away when finished. Congrats on your buyπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  2. Just got told there's issues trying to sign up via mobile phone.
  3. Can't insure it with your parents as owners and you listed as a driver? My daughter (24) is listed as a driver of one of our cars without issue. That is comprehensive with nrma though. And my son (27) is a nominated driver with the 265 with Shannon's. Insurance is now $1000 cheaper for him with me as the owner than what it was with him as the owner of his older, lesser valued 250.
  4. Roof pod πŸ‘ If the roof allows fitment of racks of course...
  5. This has happened to me a few times lately. But when I have clicked "reply" to start again, all of my previous typing and attachments are still there.
  6. Safetyman

    What a car!

    My sons old 250 was running fine with a downpipe and factory intercooler. It had been custom tuned and we never had heat soak our intake temp issues while at Wakefield in peak summer. It's power output was well above a bluefin stage 1 so I'd love to see the evidence for why an intercooler is a must and under what conditions. You get no argument from me for upgrading a Clio 4 Intercooler because it's intake temps sky-rocket under hard use, but I haven't seen the same on a meg 3.
  7. Safetyman

    What a car!

    I'll chime in and say there are a few threads covering the topic of Superchips and I have had zero issues. However, if you're planning to add a downpipe, then you'll have to go the custom tune route as the bluefin stage 1 only works well with an unmodified car. A res delete doesn't count as a mod, by the way. It just sounds even better with the bluefin πŸ‘
  8. Nice wheels πŸ‘ What are they?
  9. Yep, that's a valid deduction. There really should be a hands up from those on here with a bluefin and the "myriad of issues" they've had. I'll start, two Meg 3s (265 and GT220) with a combined mileage since installation of approximately 40000kms. The cars have been used daily and have both seen track use. Zero issues throughout.
  10. You must have a different book to mine. I've got 80kg max load including racks in mine. Except RS is regarding towbars.
  11. There are a few used models available. Let someone else wear the haircut.
  12. So up and running with Firefox and Chrome but unfortunately, still the same error via tapatalk.
  13. Not sure if it's been noted but my desktop only works using chrome, while my mobile only works off firefox. Both leave me with the following error on screen.
  14. You could tell her that my wife lives it! Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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