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  1. Brake pressure gauge mate ???????? Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  2. Nah not yet. Still havin second thoughts with that price. [emoji23] anyway we'll see how it goes
  3. Yeah ive just spoken to him. He gave me a quote and its coming from France..prolly my car due to warranty repairs. [emoji28]
  4. Hey! Thats my local dealership too. Did you speak to Mario?How much did you spend all up?
  5. Which dealership did you get it done?
  6. Clio RS Cup LY & Black Both under $32k New Renault Hoppers Crossing/Werribee
  7. Renault Australia Wide current deal for Brandnew 2015 Clio RS Cup till April 30.. $32990 driveaway with free metallic paint. No need to pay extra $750 for Metallic Liquid Yellow or $500 for other Metallic Colours. http://www.renault.com.au/latest-offers/sport Sounds like a good deal to me if that is 2015 Plated Brandnew Clio. Chris is right, if that is a demo or 2014 Plated stock then you can bargain more against the current offer. Look around & bargain. Good luck mate!
  8. Ok Thanks Moosey! Ill just wait for it.. [emoji3]
  9. I just did a donation for the ozrenault forum. When am I going to receive the sticker? ????
  10. Where can I pick up grey ozrenault sticker in Melbourne?
  11. Hey walkie86! Thanks mate but im from Melbourne plus im trading in my car.. Your clio looks nice! You should keep it.. [emoji6]
  12. @acrRS250 Yeah ive seen that on carsales. I just cant decide whether to take the used clio or not. Reverse cam & sensor can be very handy these days.. also with the $4k difference, maybe i can mod it a bit to get the preferred cup look
  13. Thanks! I got offered with a used white Clio Rs 200 Sports Premium 6 months old, 9000kms. $4k cheaper than a brandnew Standard Cup. Im not sure if i should take it
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