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  1. Just a heads up, the paint code shown on that page for the 2014 RS is wrong, they have "360" but it should be the same as all the others as "369" The paint code is printed on a sticker inside the drivers side rear door jam
  2. in my experience the car won't shift down into first unless it's within the rev limit. This is at around 40-45 km/h, i wouldn't worry too much about permanent engine/gearbox damage. I've been doing this in my car for the last 3 years just for fun and haven't noticed any odd behaviour as a result. The orange light might have been flashing because you lifted off the throttle mid gear change so it didn't re-select a gear (which is what happens in race mode if you lift when you change gears). If you were actually accelerating while the orange light was flashing then that seems odd, but i wou
  3. The plastic panel mounts to the front bumper for the number plate, it's not really needed but it's there anyway if you don't fancy your number plate scraping the ground. Attack the cutout in the boot floor with a craft knife until the jack fits enjoy!
  4. lenus

    Brisbane Newbie

    Welcome to the forum, have a look at the megane 3 technical section, there should be heaps of info over there to get you familiar with what to look for in a second hand car. And also check out the this thread http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/16307-rs-cars-seen-advertised-online-non-members/page-59 there's usually a bit if discussion over there about any cars that do pop up. Also unrelated on gumtree I just spotted this cup trophee? gets the full kit, xenons, recaros etc. asking price is a bit higher, but if that's in good nick that's a bloody steal. http://www.gumtree.com.a
  5. When do these problems start? I've had my RS for 2 years, 55,000km, no issues with the box yet (touch wood).
  6. Give it some time you might be able to work with the gearbox a little bit better. You have to remember not to treat it like a traditional torque converter auto (obviously because it isn't). It won't creep as nice as your old falcon did, but that's because the creep is something somebody has programmed into it and not really a natural function of any of the driveline components. I found when I first got the car it was easier to drive it in "race mode" as it turns off the 'creep', so that the car would only move when you put your foot on the throttle, but be weary if you are on a hill as the
  7. I was thinking the same thing! The Niva sure would be exhilarating (probably not in the same way as an R32)
  8. I actually alternated between 100 octane e10, vpower, ultimate, and 95 freedom e10 No discernable difference between those fuels performance wise, but the 95 e10 did idle a bit rougher, economy was worse with both e10's. other peoples opinions on fueling will be different, but officially these cars only require 95.
  9. Firstly how many kms would one expect to get from a reasonably well serviced 172? There is a few examples on here with well over 200km, the biggest killer is unchanged timing belts. The clutches also last a long time so chances are @ 170k it has the original clutch. Depending on how it's been driven this could last another 1000 km or 50,000km.. Also how is the rear suspension configured? from the few pictures I've seen it looks like there is a separate spring and dampener, if this is the case is it possible to put all in one coilovers in and how would I go about this? I'm not sure on thi
  10. Welcome! Curious, what sparked you to go have a look at a Renault?
  11. lenus

    Happy Days!

    I feel like I might have seen you at lutwyche yesterday/day before.. I was in the white RS
  12. There is a button in the center console with "RS Drive" on it. It's lit up red. Move the lever across into the up down gear shift things and press the RS button. If you hold it down, it also turns all of the esp and traction control off. Enjoy! PS. when in doubt rtfm
  13. +1 those anthracite wheels look tits. I've been wondering if the anthracite would look alright on the stock 17's of the clio... Nice car too!
  14. I spotted a monaco gp this morning on lutwyche road... I wonder if it was you? either way welcome!
  15. Nice car! If you see a car like yours with silver wheels getting around oxley area it's me! Working at 17 mile rocks
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