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From Pug to Reno?


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Hi all,


Was in the market for another PUG....problem is they don't make 205's like they used to?


I have had three in the past with a 505, 306 and 306 convertible to complete the love affair.


But yesterday I test driver two Renault Sport Meaganes 225. My first impression was the driving position was a little high? (could I change the seat?) my second impression was WOW.


My problem now is what do I do next. I looked a 2009 version with 49k ($17999), a 2006 with 98k ($12000) and I have booked to have a look at a 2005 example for 119k ($8500). There is another one near where I live which is a 2007 model with 48K selling for $15500.


I have been scrolling through the internet and I am still not sure of which direction to head. At this stage I am leaning to the 2006 model although it does not come up as a 'cup' on the AD but the actual car was very similar to the 2009 cup version? All the cars are listed on carsales. This car is from a dealer and I would like to know if the pricing seems reasonable and if there are different 2006 variations I should check for. I advised the dealer that I would be checking a older (cheaper) 2005 model and he advised me that it was pre-updated? Is that something I should consider?


Any advice would be good advice...thank you

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I'm not an expert on the Megane's. All I can say is if you like the 205 and the 306; you ought to test a clio before you take the plunge.


You can get a very nice 197 for that money.

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I've not driven a 225 so I can't comment on those.

As Tommo says, drive a Clio 3 (2008 to 2012).

Crazy rev happy NA engine and handling which is ridiculous!

Here is a taste of what they are like. Bear in mind this is a 200 not a 197 but there is not much between them.

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Clio II was designed in the late 90's, early 2000's - it will feel similar in finish and quality (a bit better) to a 306.


The Clio III has much higher limits in terms of outright cornering pace, but it is the far more mature machine. Feels a fair bit more modern compared to a 182.


Clio II has much more accessible fun (-200 kg), Clio III requires you to be on the boil and working; but rewards you for doing so.

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Hey apple3337,


You have listed as your first car 2009 Clio F1R27


There is one for sale at the moment,


Why did you sell yours?

Good question.

When I sold it I asked myself the same question! (I've seen the same comment by others here.)

I found it a bit hard to live with as a daily driver. Getting into Recaros without stuffing them up (by rubbing the fabric) requires a bit of gymnastics. The ride is a touch hard on rough roads. So I buy myself a very nice Focus. Great car. But does it make you grin when driving...absolutely not.

These bloody Clios get under your skin. I HAD to buy another one and I'm totally in love with it! Mine is one of the last to arrive in Oz. It has some goodies like Recaros, bluetooth, voice activated phone, keyless entry, auto wipers and lights. But no satnav.

You don't buy these for creature comforts though. It's all about engine and handling. When you drive one you will know.

I have had no issues with either car.

The early 197's had a stiffish supension. The 200's have the "cup suspension" which is about 30% stiffer again! The 197R27 had the "cup" suspension though.

if you browse the Clio 3 section there are quite a few threads about specs on each model. It's a bit confusing with all the limited editions that came in, but you'll get the idea if you read enough. Usually the differences are cosmetic or wheel size.

Honestly for 15K you will get a good 197. I've seen 2010 200's sell for under 20K. For low to mid 20K you will get a very nice 200 with low klm. Good ones pop up quite often. There's a couple of ripper Red Bulls at the moment. Enjoy the hunt.

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I still mourn the sale of my R26 Meg despite loving my 265. I think they will end up being the classic Meg in the way the 182 has become the classic Clio - the profile is unmistakeable, they're loaded with equipment with more storage than the Tardis and the handling is awesome. There's a couple of fantastic 225 Cups for sale that look like great buys. Leather interiors too. The only regular issues are window regulators and engine mounts.

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This thread started with the Clio being advocated and is finishing with the Megane.


I am checking out a 2009 Clio F1R27 tomorrow so I should be able to compare.


I have never had a turbo before and the rush was nice. I live here on the Central Coast so either car is not going to go waste.


Might be a Clio owner come the end of tomorrow. I am looking at this model;


http://www.carsales.com.au/private/deta ... 11&sdmvc=1


Could anyone comment on the price?

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Interesting comparison. I've never driven a 225 so I'm interested in this.

Don't plonk any money down until the car has been checked out by a mechanic/panel beater.

Cost of that car looks pretty reasonable to me. I sold my R27 2 years ago for 24K so it's looks fair.

I reckon you'll find the Clio feels a bit more lively in the corners.

The Meg weighs about 140 kg heavier which I think you will notice.

If you get it for 15 to 16K it would be a really good buy (if it's in good nick).

In the end go with your gut feel as that's what's is usually right.

BTW has timing belt been done? Allow $700 for that. The seat could be repaired but could cost a few $$. Ask around your area as to who could do that. The front wheel can be touched up by you. I'm going to run a thread on how to do that shortly as mine need a bit of TLC.

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I asked about the timing belt. The owner has not had it done, but has only done 5000km. I am not about when the timing belts need changing. He mentioned something like every 5years or so many KM's which every comes first. So if the car is 2009 it might be due? The owner has receipts for work done previously and the log books, so I will have to check them out.


Thanks again for all the support...I think if nothing else I will enjoy this forum to go with the upcoming Renault purchase.

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I started off looking at Clio's as the car is a second car, but the practicality of the megane and the wooshy noises it makes was too much to resist!


The 182/meg II timing belt is due at 100,000 or every 4 years, I think the Clio III is the same? Anyway, it seems to be due based on age.


Whatever car you buy though, it will bring a smile to your face!

buy the megane!

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The timing belt is due now on that car!

There's a thread on this topic on the forum here.

The timing belt is not something to mess with. If it blows up the repair bill is big.

When (if) you get it done, go to a Renault specialist (I'd go independent, not a dealer). 700 to 800 should cover it.

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Yes timing belt is overdue on the 197 very much so. 4 years/100,000 so it's over 12 months overdue.


If it goes pop, bye bye engine.

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I even drove 6 hours to pick it up with my wife and three children!


Before departing I had never even driven a Clio. The comments from here on the forum had my thinking this was the car for me...particularly as I had referenced the 205 GTI PUG obsession. I read all the reports I could reference and only became more intrigued. Then as I pulled up and the car was sitting in the sellers driveway...it took my breath away.


The seller took me around for a bit and I would have been scared to drive it as quick as he did. The confidence he had in the car was a telling factor. I was looking for an agile car and did not need to look any further. The added benefit that this car was part of the F1 Team and has improved ride had me thinking I would not leave without it....in fact the seller told me he would not have been disappointed if I had not showed up.


The ride home was good...but too straight. The cruise control is outstanding. I was also traveling in a convey with my wife so easy does it.


I live here on the Central Coast and travel each day along roads with no lights, just round-a-bouts...there is also the "ridgeway" a windy run across a stretch of mountains. It may take me 5-10mins longer to get to work...maybe.


My only concern is the servicing I will need to sort out. The car has only done 48,000km but the belts have not been changed yet? The next service is in 4,500km, so I am thinking that this will be okay to delay this major service? I would appreciate any advice on where to take the car for this service? and should I start saving?


Thanks again for the kind welcome....I will hopeful get to meet some of you in the future.

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If I were you, get the service done now. If the belt drops; you will be out of pocket thousands. Get it booked in and done.

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Welcome to the clan, you wont be disappointed believe me i've had two clios so far also on the Central Coast.

Be carefull of the Ridgeway did a rim and a tyre 3 years ago. You need to get that belt done try Frank at Gosford European Car Services good guy, is doing a track day next month Wakefield.

Keep in touch we do a local carscoffee days


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