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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Sept 13th - QLD/NSW - See Social Events section for details/RSVP ×


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  1. I run Ferodo DS2500 on Clio IV Cup most of the time, super quite as is the standard pads also Ferodo. Maybe sticky piston if sitting around a lot. Take it for a real hard run with nobody around and do not speed as Ttimbo says
  2. You dont need a sales pitch to buy an RS..........Just Drive One fast Good Luck
  3. Welcome Kevin...stunning colour
  4. tonym

    Another megane

    Will see you there in the Pretty Blue One
  5. Welcome coastie RS, am also a coastie and a Clio 4 RS in Yellow , will probably see you around lisarow or meet up weekends there are a few of RS crew on the CC Enjoy Tonym
  6. tonym

    New to Renault

    Nice Looker, had one myself still shed a few tears when I see one. Looks like its ready to go, maybe a rear sway bar adds some adjustments, RS 3 Hankooks a great tyre Tonym
  7. Welcome Casper, We are neighbours i'm in Lisarow Yellow 200 EDC CUP, message me your mob maybe we can meet up, have a few others up this way, we meet up for drive or coffee. What colour, from Lindsay at BH ? Cheers Tonym
  8. tonym

    First Renault

    Dave, Youve made 2 right decisions, your Clio is the same as mine is it a CUP, not that much difference, and the Sud I had a 1.2 TI in the 80's it still rates as a hot hatch, has it got the twin 36 IDF webers etc Welcome Tonym
  9. Nice .................Hope to see you a regular at track days Tonym
  10. Welcome, time will take forever waiting for next week. My sons mate came over last night in the same Megane 275 in Liquid Yellow.....great colour matches my Clio 4 Will see you on some runs Tonym
  11. tonym

    From Pug to Reno?

    Welcome to the clan, you wont be disappointed believe me i've had two clios so far also on the Central Coast. Be carefull of the Ridgeway did a rim and a tyre 3 years ago. You need to get that belt done try Frank at Gosford European Car Services good guy, is doing a track day next month Wakefield. Keep in touch we do a local carscoffee days Tonym
  12. Franck, Its about time you joined, thanks for the ride in the Megane on friday...........chr... it was quick, believe me back in the seat as I have never been for a long time , can I borrow it next weekend ????? tell us more about it, dealer friendly ? welcome again am sure you will meet lots of nice people on this Forum tonym
  13. Welcome Roberto, Nice 172, I know Supersprint Exhausts a guy in Sydney used to market them, looked at for my Fiat 600 (1050cc) Where do you live in Italy cheers tony
  14. Richy, Welcome to the LY clan Just Love That colour Enjoy Tonym
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