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  1. Congrats mate welcome to the clio 3 club
  2. Lol most people here appreciate pugs too as far as I can tell, and I think Cloudy just picked one up so he's probably best one to answer for a comparison. They are a great drive, not as stiff as the 200 that's for sure.
  3. Just had a look at the ad, only one in all of Australia Must have nicked my car when I wasn't looking. I've seen that car out on the road about 6 months ago looked pretty mint at the time. I'd guess at the auction error being a simple mistake?
  4. Belts at 4 years/100k so should probably check if they have been done as that will be a decent outlay if they haven't been done yet. (service history in general is important to look at, 1 yr/10k service intervals for the 200s) Side bolsters on the Recaros can wear out if you aren't careful getting in and out, worth checking on the one you are looking at. The "leather" on some steering wheels seems to peel off on the top layer, if that is the case it is up to you whether that is a big deal you can peel it all off or live with it bubbled. I personally had mine re trimmed in real leather. The third/fourth gear synchros have been known to wear out, so just look for a nice smooth shift into those 2 gears. Price seems good if the condition is right, just as mentioned if the belts haven't been done just keep that in mind as it's potentially another $1k or more.
  5. I bought my car from Victoria with around 11 months rego remaining on the car and was able to get a refund after taking it back to NSW. I wasn't really sure whether they would refund it to me or previous owner but I just sent Vicroads the documentation that I had bought the car and taken it to NSW and reregistered it here and they refunded me the remainder.
  6. I'd get in contact with Julian from Renotech to do a check of the car, hes based in Hornsby Heights and a Renault Specialist. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/20301-renotech-mobile-mechanical/page-3 Would definitely reccommend them to look after your car if you pick up an RS.
  7. Welcome, might see you around (I'm in Cherrybrook). Can also confirm exhaust makes all the difference after fitting an Akra about two months ago
  8. Awesome choice of first car, enjoy
  9. Really liking the new style of the site, done a great job, especially on mobile (both the mobile version & desktop version seem to work great on my iphone 6) but as Daniel said the scaling on desktop seems a bit off, only using quite a small portion of the centre of my screen (1920x1080). Not sure if it's possible but perhaps adding the active topics/newest posts section underneath the recent topics on the home forum page would be a nice little addition as well. (Unless this is how it already works and it was just coincidentally all new topics when I checked, then disregard )
  10. Similar story to me as well, had a number of Peugeot's in the family including 308, 307, 407 and my main car which was 306 and moved onto a RS200. My dad has driven my clio a bit and now I think he wants to move to the RS family when its time for an upgrade
  11. wow... looks amazing, congrats on the purchase first I have seen with the new front end.
  12. Ahhh ok, thanks for the information. The K-Tec Sprint spoiler was my second choice if the Australian GP style spoiler wasn't possible. Does the bond on fitment for the sprint spoiler mean it doesn't require any bolting etc. ?
  13. Thanks for all the welcomes guys No major plans for the car just yet, mainly little things like the RS steering wheel trim, although I was thinking of potentially getting a rear spoiler. Is it at all possible to get the small lip/hood looking spoiler like on the Australian GP edition? I like that small addition, rounds out the back end well.
  14. Hi guys, The trophee wheels look better in person in my opinion, they look a bit weird in the photos. I think it's because the anthracite doesn't show so well in the pictures. Previous car history list is pretty small, mainly just driven the family vehicles being a 306 which I mainly drove and we have had a 307, 308, and a 407. Will always have a soft spot for the 306. Had a few drives in friends cars who have an 86, mr2 and some lancers, imprezas and such. Guess the french influence rubbed off on me , Clio is so different to the 86 and mr2 but I couldn't resist it. Had a few good drives in the Clio IV, great fun but I really wanted to get into a manual. (plus I prefer the styling) Here are a few interior snaps (needs a vacuuming again)
  15. Hi all, Been meaning to introduce myself for a while, recently bought a 2011 RS200 Cup Trophee in silver, it is my first RS and I have been loving the car so far so I have keen to start chatting with all the other passionate RS owners. Here are a few pictures (provided i figured out how to show them) If they didn't work here is a link to the album http://imgur.com/a/jdJG1#0
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