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  1. Hmm. Strange. Will play with the filters and see what happens. EDIT: Looks like I had a filter on that was not showing content. All sorted.
  2. Anyone else not having this work? Typically browse the forum by new content and for the past few weeks it just says 'No new conent'. Wondering if there is an issue or if it's just me?
  3. Was a die the wool Pug owner now the driveway has Renaults! My Megane 225 is brilliant and I cannot see myself buying another car for quite a while. Practical, fits the kid seat, handling is fantastic and makes turbo whoosh noises.
  4. Welcome, looks like all of the BO 225's are ending up in SA. What side of town are you on?
  5. pugsy

    Now a RSM owner!

    Yeah, have to wait for the New Year and get into an inspection station to have it changed it over. I was sitting in traffic this morn and saw an eldery couple in a Jazz with the fuel sticker on the window, I then peeled it off! I still have it in one piece so I can send it back if you like! By the sounds of things there is a few 225 Cups making their way to Adelaide.
  6. pugsy

    Now a RSM owner!

    Thanks everyone for the welcome, took the Megs out for a quick twisty drive in the hills this morning, wow! Does it love corners or what! What a blast... As promised here is some photos, not the best shots:
  7. pugsy

    Now a RSM owner!

    Fuel consumption sticker still there, slowly removing all the stickers, sorry Brendan
  8. pugsy

    Now a RSM owner!

    Thanks! Yes photos are coming, soon
  9. pugsy

    Now a RSM owner!

    Been lurking the boards for a while and now I am a RSM owner thought I would say Hi! Originally joined to keep in contact with the Adelaide guys for the Sunday drives, but at the time was working in hospitality so free times on weekends became quite rare! As from my username always been a Peugeot guy, I have always liked Renaults but never had the urge to own one. Currently have a 205 Gti and a 306 Xsi. Earlier in the year we started looking for a car for the wife as with a kid on the way decided it was time to upgrade her 306 hatch. Driveway was full of Peugeots and the neighbours th
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