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New R26 owner


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Hi All,


Just bought an R26 from another member here, JoshW, and he said this was the place to be.


Have another Renault in the driveway already, a koleos privilege, which serves as the family rig for the better half but thought it was time for me to get something enjoyable again.


So hi.


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Welcome! Megane's are good but Clio's II's are better! lol :headbang:




And yes Russell, overall the best RS sold here, so far........welcome aboard, please ensure your tray table is stowed, your seat is in the upright position, and your seat belt is done up, low and tight.....

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He, don't mind the Clio but with a little bloke now I needed something a bit bigger. Although the other half has A Koleos so it's not all that important.


Might throw up a build thread tomorrow as I'll be doing a decent detail job.


It's clean, but it's not OCD clean. Getting rid of the shark fin style aerial too, need a bit better reception and I prefer the stock look.


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