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  1. Welcome mate! That's a nice RS resume, can't wait to see some pic of the new meg.
  2. Welcome mate, as a fellow newbie here, this forum is definitely a wealth of information and spirited debate.
  3. Nothing worse than the deafening silence from the dealer, i had a similar issue though not as drawn out as yours, it took a sharply worded email (one of my best) cc'd to head office to get any info on what was happening. It'll be worth the wait, i smile every time i get behind the wheel.
  4. Welcome to the 1st time renault owners club, I have the same combo in LY. Have you had anyone stop you in the street to ask about it yet?
  5. Thanks for the welcome, while I'm no expert I'll give my thoughts so far. So far AWESOME! I took it for a run from my place in the lower Blue Mountains down to Bowral today. She accelerates really smoothly, and i found its really easy to find yourself over the speed limit very quickly without realizing it. In normal mode it does like to sit in 5th and 6th at speeds i wouldn't usually use these gears in, but this isn't an issue. Sport mode sharpens everything up, but i think if i drove in this mode all the time I'd lose my license... its good fun, especially using the paddles. I was initially a bit worried about how comfortable the ride would be with the cup chassis and rubber band tires, but not a lot of difference from my previous Fiesta Zetec over the same roads. Looking froward to seeing how it handles the Hawkesbury Rd hill climb near me is calling. I'll Let you know how she travels.
  6. Hi all, picked up my new toy yesterday, a LY Clio cup trophy. I had a mate put me onto this car, I'm glad he did! (he wishes he didn't, as i have one and he dosen't ).
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