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Some Time in the Making


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Hi All,


Well this has been a long time in the making. My interest in Renault and more specifically Renault Sport started at a Sydney Motorshow some time back in the early 2000s when I saw a small silver RS Clio 172. It was empty and didn't seem to be getting much attention, so as a teen i though it would be a good chance to jump in pretend i was a racing car driver. Even as an early teen, I was immediately impressed with its seats and its manual gearbox seemed slick. Little did i know, i would end up in one later in life.


A few years later and a friend of mine here known as Teki bought a blue RS Clio 182. This thing ripped around town. The way it chased its 8k redline and hugged its tight corners was fantastic. He also introduced me to an RS drive day way back in 2008, which was great fun and showed what a great community RS was building here. Although i had bought a Ford XR5 turbo, lured by its beautiful engine, i knew that one day I would have to own an RS.


Come 2009 and Renault unveiled the RS250. It looked great and when the reviews came out saying that it was an even better drive, it all but confirmed that it would be my next car. The fact that it was being compared to, and beating the Ford Focus RS only cemented my decision.


And so here we are today, i am the proud owner of an RS 265 Cup + and im in love. I had the biggest dumb smile on my face :D yesterday and i haven't even begun to drive the thing properly. I met quite a few of you at the Nats last weekend and i cant wait for the next big event. Here's hoping that there are many more happy days to come.


Catch ya around,




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