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Hi all,


I've purchased a new RS265 Red Bull to replace an ageing (although very healthy) BMW E36 Evo M3 3.2L which I had owned for 8+ years. I sampled a Subaru BRZ (because Toyota told me I could test drive an 86 only after I bought one); a Golf GTi and R; and nothing compared to how the RS performed. If I had a choice, I would put the gear shift from the BRZ and interior of the Golf into everything else of the RS. And still keep the sound system from the 16 year-old Beemer. :shock:


I just thought I'd share my 2 month and approaching 3,000 km ownership experience, which has been a mixture of love-hate thus far.


Love the performance, handling and body lines. Nothing in this price bracket comes close. Did I say handling. :lol:


Hate...well, I've been to the dealer 4 times since taking delivery of the vehicle in January. So far I have had to fix a faulty scissor-lift mechanism on the driver's Recaro seat (developed at 30 km) and barely-functioning air-con vent on the far right (0 km). The keycard has intermittently malfunctioned until recently.


In the last 500 km's the passenger door trim has developed a rattle, there is a clunk / vibration felt through the accelerator pedal when I perform sudden direction changes at low speeds; and there is a rattling sound / buzz coming through the instrument panel (around the RS Monitor area) anytime the engine spins upwards of 5,000 rpm. (I will post a separate thread for this issue.)


I work in the automotive industry as a Tier 1 supplier to Toyota, GM and Ford. So having an understanding of vehicle design and manufacturing, it is quite disappointing that some relatively simple things can be defective. Given that majority of the 265 is carry-over from the 250 one would expect the early-build bugs to be ironed out already. Hell, even the tyre pressure recommendation sticker on the driver's door has not been put on properly with pockets of air bubbles all over it.


At this point in time I'm quite certain that my car was built on a Friday, the last car finished before the end of the shift. Thankfully they remembered to put all 4 wheels on, however not all of the wheel bolts were tightened near the fastening torque requirement.


I'm just glad that the car puts a smile on my face every time I work it. If not all these 'small' niggles would be very hard to put up with given it is a brand new car with so many rave reviews blessed upon it.


Cheers and hope to join you all for organised drives and track events.

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Agreed, these problems can not possibly exist on a car that does not exist and without photos it cant.


Welcome, sorry to hear you have had a few teething problems, glad to hear that you found the rose tinted glasses in the glove box though.

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Agreed, these problems can not possibly exist on a car that does not exist and without photos it cant.


Very well said. :rofl:


Newbie question - how to I include images in my postings? Cheers.


I use photobucket.. create a free account and upload... Then you can either give us the direct link to the photos or post them here using the hyperlink between the 'img' tags..

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Try uploading them to photo-bucket or another photo sharing site, then link here with image tags.


Or upload direct from your mobile using the Tapatalk app.

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hahaha.. for a minute there, I actually thought you were joining from France.


Lovely pics and you will work out eventually how to get them up without the links.

The last one is especially cool!

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When I first put the deposit on it, I was a little skeptical about the yellow bits. You know the "Hello Officer. I know you have not much to do, so please pull me over for no reason." feeling.


But now I thank my wife who made me buy it :lol:

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Just thought I'd share my RS265 experience now that the car has hit 5,000 clicks.


Engine feels a lot stronger now, as was to be expected. Managed a 6.44 to the tonne, could probably bring it down to 6.2, but not willing to practice for obvious reasons.


This car has a voracious appetite for front tyres when driven the way it was designed to. Tyre rotation seems to be in the order @ 5,000 km intervals as the front indicators feel roughly half of the rears.


Did a 980 km weekend drive with 2 mates through the twisty back roads to Falls Creek and Mount Hotham. Smashed a 360 Modena F1 and VE Commodore SS through every twisty section on both days. 3 people drove home on Sunday all in love with the Megane - we swapped cars so everyone had a proper go up Mount Hotham in it. Both said the RS265 has totally blown away their perception of FWD dynamics.


And now the bad. *SIGH*


First comment from both: "That buzzing sound from the middle of the dashboard must drive you crazy."


3,500 km: Red Bull Racing stickers are now black and full of contaminants. Feels sticky and rough to the touch. Washing the car normally has not helped, a few other RB Megane owners also have this problem.


4,300 km: Stereo turns itself OFF, then ON again randomly whilst the car is being driven (not at ignition). This carried on for about a week, and has not showed its ugly head since. TOUCH WOOD.


4,500 km: Car has developed new rattles; this time with the 2x cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. They're both so loose they flap up and down over bumps making a click-clack sound. I used to keep the volume of the stereo down to enjoy more of the engine & exhaust burble, now I keep my sanity intact by turning it all the way up. Will get this fixed at the 1st service.


4,700 km: Auto headlights turned themselves on. In direct sunlight during the day. Restarted the car at the traffic lights, but 5 minutes later fault reoccurred. Hasn't happened since. TOUCH WOOD.


5,000 km: Today the telephone system makes a random call to a contact. Yep, picked a random number and happily made the call for me.


From what I've read off the forums, not many owners have had any problems with their RS265's. I can't be that unlucky to have taken delivery of such a lemon??? :roll:


We now have a bet at the office if the car will make it to the 1st scheduled service without falling apart.

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