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  1. Hi gang, Not sure if theres already a post about this (i did look but couldn't see anything?) but just two things about the new site from me: - Can we please increase the font size across the board, maybe its the color scheme but everything looks smaller and is hard to read? - Can we make the difference between threads that have new/unread items and those that dont a little more obvious. The bold yellow text looks very similar to the unbolded version. Happy to discuss!
  2. The 265 Trophy+ with Satnav (like mine) can liberate the extra ponies and sharpen the throttle response with a press of the traction control button (it doesnt disable traction, just makes it a bit more liberal) but Docmattic is correct.. if you want the full control of throttle mapping, etc, then you have to go RS monitor and abandon satnav. Also, with the trophy+, it came standard with the Renault powered seats, and the only options i had from memory were the leather recaros (which was considered a downgrade for some reason.. presumably due to loss of powered seats, but still cost extra) or those hideous white and black Renault seats (🤢) and the moon roof.
  3. So my RS looks exactly like the first photo... but saying the wheels come with the red pack is not quite correct, it only included the stickers and red front and rear diffuser. The wheels came on the 808 edition which i had to source overseas. Of course you can always just repaint normal steeves to match.
  4. Welcome mate, congratulations on the purchase. When you say orientated to north, do you mean permanently whenever you're driving or just when you start the car? If its the latter, i think you need to start moving for it to pick up and calibrate your position after a couple of seconds.. If its the former, then not too sure, ive never seen a GPS permanently set to north, someone with the same nav may be able to help
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh my old pal Damo... going on a modding spree again?
  6. Suggestion - With the chat, is there any way to turn off the entry/exit sounds or turn them down a little.. theyre SO loud lol edit - disregard, found it!
  7. Its in the options menu on the GPS, theres a time/date change one!
  8. Welcome and enjoy! Nice to have another black + about!
  9. If you have the satnav then you basically cant. Throttle map adjustability is only available with the RS monitor as far as i know. Im not even sure an aftermarket tool would allow you to do that..
  10. You wont want to be cranking the stereo. Cause its rubbish. Like, really crap. Get an exhaust instead!
  11. Cant go wrong with a Trophy+ Yeah i get the rattles and noises... Im pretty convinced that its the passenger recaro and/or the door seals...
  12. I like the cut of your jib.
  13. So what? Why not make it a yearly update! Possibly offer the new design to those who already have one at a discounted price.. Would help the donations to the forum coming!
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