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Another Clio in the Inner West


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Hi all!


Thought I'd quickly drop past and say hey and introduce my liquid yellow Clio 200 Cup MY12.

I've been lurking about for a while now after Teki and Buddy told me to join once I bought my Clio. And then I kind of forgot about it until Monday when my sneaky boyfriend (driver of a R33 Skyline, but secretly wants my Clio) took it for a joyride while I was in QLD for Christmas, even though I told him not to touch it and hid both keys.

He was driving through Balmain when he was stopped by another RS enthusiast who gave him a card for the forum. According to my boyfriend he was driving an older Renault and went by the name of 'H'. Who is this mysterious 'H'? I would like to thank you for reminding me!


I always loved the 172 and after my first car - an '07 Lancer - was prematurely written off, I begged my parents for a Clio Sport. As parents do, they refused and gave me their XR6.

A couple of years on and I started with Sydney City Suzuki in May this year, which as it happens, also sells Renault. Teki and Buddy were both working with Renault at the time. I then fell in love with the liquid yellow Clio we had on the showroom floor.

After Teki left, I was offered the sales position with Renault. I jumped at the opportunity, said yes and then asked for a good price on the Clio before even leaving the office! Take that parents!


I finally picked up Hornet the Clio on the 14th of September and am now a proud RenaultSport owner. Every time I sit in it, or even look at it, it makes me smile from ear to ear! I have already taken him to the track for the Motor Magazine Twilight track night in November with a friend who took out his 265 and had an absolute ball!


I'm glad to see so many other RS owners in the Inner West! It's great to drive down the street and get a wave from some dude in another Clio!



Cheers guys!

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Welcome to another fellow inner westy.


I may have spotted you in Alexandria turning down a side street a few weeks ago.. Female/LY 200 you fit the description :).

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Welcome, nice to see another LY clio in the neighbourhood. I think our local RS resident "aitch" might have bn the man promoting the forum. Theres lots of good people & knowlegable folk on this forum....Look fwd to seeing some pics of the car.

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Unfortunately, someone hit and ran it outside my house. But don't worry, he is back to his former glory now.


FFS, some people r f#kwits!

Thats unfortunate - glad to hear the beast is bck up & running!


Someone scapred my bumper in my first wk of ownership!!


You'd think LY was easy see. :-/

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copyrights go to teki for the that pic.


Pay up.




Onto more pressing matters; what's the first mod Murphy?!


Man, I haven't even thought about it too much. Probably exhaust?

I'm doing Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia in May/June, so any mods have been put on the backburner. Plus, I still have the Corolla sitting at my parents place which deserves some much needed attention.

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It's always so lovely to see another new RS200!!

The last of the special breed and so much fun.

Sorry to see the street damage but happy to see a quick fix.

Take care Murphy.

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