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Exciting day for a Newbie


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G'day all,


I picked up my 2005 Clio RS172 yesterday and I am a very happy camper. This has been one of those things that has been on the list since launch in 01, but as I guess lots of others have found for various reasons I never quite got there... till now! I keep finding excuses to wander outside and look at it, lol :lol:


I haven't managed to go for a proper drive yet as it needs a couple of new tyres and a few other bits and pieces done, so I'll wait till everything has been sorted before exploring its potential too much.


Nice to meet you all


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Welcome and congrats. Picked the right car.


Just curious to know, when was your car complianced and registered!? My 172 was comp/reg in Jan '05 sometime, can't remember the exact dates now.

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Thanks guys, tis good to be here!


@RBH58 - I'm in Sunbury... its not quite the end of the earth, but you can see it from here.


@Eire and @Daniel G - It is very late registered, Feb 05. I actually didn't realise the 172 went that late, so it was nice to pick one up that is so young. Only has 96,000 Kays on it which is nice too, of course that means it is heading in for a timing belt (among other things) this week, which was handy when it came to talking about price.

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Welcome. Yes, Melton is pretty much the end of civilisation :lol: - The wife's old man lived there for a bit... not many corners close by if memory serves correctly, you'll want to find some of those when the car's sorted :D

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Rob - Thanks - Did not know the nationals were on till just now. Looks like I have missed the boat for an entry, but maybe I'll come up for the day on Sunday to say G'day? Google maps reckons 2.5 hours from here, that's not too bad. Probably the biggest factor will be if North Melbourne are playing that weekend! I like to think we will be :)


Griffyn - Not too many corners around Sunbury, but Mt Macedon is only 25 mins away and the drive from the Calder to the Cross and back down again is a cracker! Still need to do more exploring, there must be other good roads up that way.


thanks Busgo!

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