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She's back...


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Hi All,


My name is Kieran and I'm new to the forum. However, the car I've purchased isn't. I just bought it two weeks ago from Chris who is a member on this forum.


It's a Phase II Sport 225 F1 Team, and her name used to be Mystique. However, she might be just about to undergo a sex / name change depending on what my wife and I decide.


So far she's driving really, really well, and after a good wash last weekend he looks pretty sharp too.


Looking forward to learning plenty here and even coming along to some events if I can find the time.



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welcome keiran , i know the car and you've got a grat one there . enjoy .

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Good to see you popped in here!


Hope your settling in well with the car - this bunch is pretty awesome for trouble shooting if you need it.

Come out on a drive day if you can - its a good 1/2 day and get to see some nice motors!


Enjoy the Meg!

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Welcome. You bagged yourself a great car there, I doubt there would be to many maintained to such high standards.


Enjoy both the car and the forum!

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