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Member for a while, thought I would introduce myself.


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Hello all,


My name is Guy, I have been a member for a while but have not made the effort to introduce myself formally. I am a Clio 182 cup owner in Ashfield, Sydney, and have had a constant love/hate relationship with my car. Eire dropped a card on my dash a while back and reminded me I was a member, so thank you Eire, I assume you are local to me? Anywho, to say the least, you guys have been truely life/car saving of late, and I thought I would share my appreciation. Lots of threads helped me with niggles, in both identifying and solving said issues. So I would like to thank you all, especially Eire for reminding me of this wealth of knowledge.





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Welcome mate, glad we could be of assistance.


Care to post any photos of your ride?

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Hey all, thanks for the warm welcome. Haha didn't realise I was a member since 2008!

I would like to say I am a happy clio owner at the moment, but unfortunately my gearbox decided to pack it in last night, so at the moment I am a RS owner but not driver :(. Hoping to track a gearbox down so I can get my bog stock beasty back on the road. Unfortunately Nemz, there is only so much a big wealth of knowledge can fix.

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Thanks for the heads up Nemz, I'll be sure to ask him some questions (I would be concerned if it was two in the one car! Unless he had created some kind of monster AWD twinny). I have been speaking to Alan/Eire and he has a couple of leads as well. Really do appreciate how helpful you all are.

Thought you might appreciate hearing that I spoke to Peter Warren spares for a laugh, got a quote on a brands new 'box, a princely sum of $5500...

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And SOLD :D. Now the proud owner of an 182 cup & R26..


Postmortem begins Friday night.. :o

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For anyone interested.


Total New £2,652 delivered

Total Recon* £1,285 delivered


*Reconditioned completely by Renault Sport. Same 12 months international warranty.




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