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Another newbie from the UK :-)


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Evening all


Let me introduce myself, my name is Fernandez and I just thought i'd join up and say hi as we have a few aussies on our 200.net forum.

Funnily enough I know 'inwardnoise' who introduced himself recently, didn't even know he'd been on here till now.


Now to the important bit, the car:


2010 Clio 200

Glacier White

Cup Chassis

Recaro yellow pack

Cup Spoiler

Lowered 30mm on Apex Springs

64mm enlarged throttle body

Cazan Racing Carbon Fibre Bonnet

Cazan Racing Carbon Fibre exhaust trims

Full Milltek exhaust system with decat


Some pics, yes its very loud but thanks for looking :)






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Thanks for the comments guys. I have a V6 airbox ready to go on and thinking about fitting some new cams, that should make it go a bit better.. So how popular are the Renaultsports in Aus and are any of you on http://www.clio197.net forum?

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Australia is a strange market for Renault, they re-entered in 2001 with the Ph1 172 and Mégane cab. It's been a hard slog from then, but a winner has been found in the 250, and this has introduced many to the marque.

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I notice that a few of you have 200 Trophy's. We do not have those in there UK. We've had a few special editions like the Silverstone, Gordini and the Raider which was available in either matt grey or matt red. We, also have the 265 trophy

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Welcome to yet another new far-away member! Great to have you on board.


The '200 Trophee' as it is called here, is just the nameplate that Renault Australia decided to use to describe the 200 'FF' as you'd probably call it. Our base model is the '200 Cup', but both have Cup-spec suspension.

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Hi Fernandez.

Welcome aboard.

Tasty mods on a tasty ride, i must say.

Must ask, are you somehow connected to Cazan Racing?

Anyways, hope to see your input around other threads, be good to get some different perspective from up top.

Send me an email one time, as i have some further questions that "may" be of benefit to you.



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