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Tommo's 182 Cup


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Thought I'd formally introduce myself and the car here :)


This is "Eire's" old 182 Cup, which I purchased last month. She's a real beauty, and in mint condition.

Me and my old man drove her back to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney, and went through Buckett's and Thunderbolts way, and it was such a fun drive 8) , we were both a little taken back by the performance of the car, my dad said "I haven't felt a car like this since a Lotus Elise." One of my mates dad drives an Audi TT, and he reckons that this car handles better :P . He couldn't believe the value either. (I think he's eyeing a RS250 now?).


It's got new Bridgestone RE002's and the 50,000km service completed since, and I'm not really sure what we're going to do into the future. She's totally stock, and I kind of like that? There's a loose baffle (we think) in the exhaust, which causes a few noises on deceleration and reverse, so we'll probably get that looked at and end up with a subtle (not to noisy) after market solution. Cause the OEM exhaust is very pricey in comparison.


I turn 18 tomorrow (4th), and this is my first car. Luckiest 18 year old in the world? Probably a bit of a bombshell for you guys? Am I the youngest member here? :)

I'm not really into the whole "rice" deal that most guys my age go through (I know too many Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas etc..); this car is a massive sleeper, which is great to avoid any unnecessary attention. I like the subtle charm about these cars, and how they exude style, and the performance without turbos and noise and all the nonsense that goes with it.

I raced karts for 5 years or so (I was 3rd in QLD at one stage :wanker: ), and with parents getting hammered in the real estate industry, that fizzled out quickly. This however, is a bit of fun for us, and with everything I had saved, some inheritence money and a grandparent eager to buy me a car (I probably would have ended up with a Barina or something..) this was the perfect solution. I finish school in 2 weeks, and I'll be at UQ next year doing something. I think there's a few here that go to UQ as well?


We'll do a few track days, and see how she goes. Me and my old man will be at the Happy Laps event at Lakeside this weekend.


Here's some eye candy.







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Good times! Welcome! Great pick up there. Glad to hear you will keep it stock, at least for the time being. Check the forums for info on exhaust systems. Loads of stuff to wade through.


Awesome to hear the feedback too from your dad, and your mate's dad, when compared to other cars like the Elise. There are a few current and ex-Lotus owners here as well, so you're in good company.


As for your age, you'd be one of the youngest owners of an RS here, but not the youngest member overall - that would be uninsurable182 who is almost 15 I think.


BTW, just noticed the yellow foggies - that's unusual!


Happy and safe motoring (I'm sure all those years in karting will prove worthwhile :wink: )

Cheers, Dish.

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IIRC Rado was 16 when he got his 182 cup.


Welcome Tommo. Smart move going for a 182. Best car for a P Plater for all the reasons you mentioned plus it is damn quick!


I'll always regret not buying a Clio Sport as my first car (I was one of those kids who went the Ford XR6 route to look "cool").


Enjoy it!


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Cheers guys. Last night was fun.. :wink:

Yeah, I think I'll keep learning the car, and getting my track times to a decent level before attempting anything serious with the mod side of things? Maybe an RSTuner to begin with? She's up for new disks soon, so maybe a pair of slotted Ktech disks or Brembos (I'll have to do some research).


I haven't seen a pair of wheels that I prefer over the 182 Cup ones, the anthracite matches the car so well. Oh, maybe the ones that came with the 182 Trophy.. (drool)


I saw a RS Megane driving around where I live yesterday (very unusual for here) and I must say that the front splitter looks the goods..

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Welcome, congrats, happy birthday and enjoy!


Plenty of young users for you to bond with - some of my best mates, I've met on this forum!


Take it slow and learn the car first. It will offer much more than you think in stock form and I would just change bits that are worn out for now. Except when changing your brake discs I'd throw in a set of DS2500 pads, braided lines and DOT5.1 fluid as you can never have enough braking capability :wink:



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Hey tommo,


I had just turned 19 when I bought my 182 cup, definitely the most awesome car for P platers for those in the know :wink:


As said focus on rejuvenating any tired parts first.


She looks in great nic, look after and have fun!

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Actually miss this car so much.. would have loved to keep it too :(, not made of money tho haha!!


Great to see it looking mint!!


Re yellow fogs: got the yellow film from lamin-x in the UK, stuck it on and cut around it :wink:, thought it Added an extra touch :D.

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Welcome and very nice pick up Tommo.

Enjoy the learning curve and above all else, maintainence is key on this ride.

You'll be the 2nd Black RS182cup at UQ.... no, not me....but there is another.



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