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150 orders = $150

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Hi Forum,

As it's mid year, and approaching my favourite month, i just hit the 150 orders mark.

So to give something back to OZRS, i am running a raffle to get donations for the Forum.

$5 donations to my PAYPAL account (use emailprime@gmail.com) with a note to say 150 for 150 to advise me of such.

ALL donation will go to OZRS and the winner gets $150 credit for anything that i offer in the way or products (OEM or Topgear).

In time and with ongoing support, i hope to make this regular and perhaps better.

Cheers to all, and please spread the word.


ps: Admin advise if there are any issues with this, and i will keep a list of entries to pass on. Thank you.

Edit: Winner announced at the end of August. (cheers halfdave)



Stuart M

Andrew I.

Travis S.

Adrian KB.

Daniel G.




Halfdave (Tortoise)


Alex (Mr Melanie)




Ben BG172

Arrow 29




UPDATE: Congratulations to the lucky winner - Alex B (walkie86)



Cheers to all, but stay tuned, i have some news.


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Only one entry per member I'm assuming?


Interesting...since there has not been as many replies as i had hoped, i'd say "have at it".

The purpose was for donations + some exposure (no secrets) + gratitude for the OZRS forum.

So, as i'm planning to adverstise to all my clients (OZRS or otherwise).... you can go in as many times as you want.


It is at the end - a raffle.




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I'm trying to find my paypal password... that's the only thing stopping me!


$150 credit would give me a spare set of rear discs and bearings for the Bullet 8)

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Just put my donation in too, but forgot to put my username on! :oops:


Wolf - if you're wondering who Melanie is, that's me!

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- RS Emblems from a 197 to spive up a 172/182

- Clutch cable

- Decal kits (those 2block checker things they put on the side of the Euro ones)

- Exterior temp sensors seem to be popular

- Front and rear pads for 172/182 ...or maybe even for a Megane.

- 172/182 RS mats

- RS Gear knob ...might need a little extra on shipping.

To name but a few.

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Last chance guys and gals... sadly have not reached the target, but hopefully next year they'll be more willing supporters.

Cheers to all, and will pass on the funds to OZRS this week. :wink:


ps: will be videoing the draw to show the winning name. :hyper:

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Can I just pay directly into your account Wolf?


Since you asked before the cutoff, this still counts.

No more though, Today was last day.

Foxleg, send me an email asap and i'll give you my bank details.

send directly to -> emailprime@gmail.com



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S W E E T !


Thanks Wolf, just saw the post - what a great weekend! 8)


Think I'll get a spare set of rear discs/bearings for the Bullet :wink:

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It gets a little better for all who participated on this.

Other than Alex (congrats again) anyone whom participated will receive their donation as credit fro any future orders.

So $5 ticket = $5 credit with me.

$30 on tickets = $30 credit.

My way of saying thanks to the participants, and hope it's a nice litte silver lining. :wink:

Cheers all,


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