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  1. Hopp Schwyz! Nett dass du doo biisch!
  2. Welcome mate. We're all about timing belts here, not much else interesting or fun about the cars, so head over to the belts thread and get strapped in.
  3. Paul has already helped you out for free, has he not? I think Renault's official price for this should be $408.
  4. Sounds like you haven't long to wait then
  5. I think you're going to struggle with this, to be honest. A 197 will fit your budget far better. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2009/SSE-AD-4455162/?Cr=1
  6. Bargain, particularly if the belts are done. And a nice (and unusual) colour.
  7. Not if you go inland from Port Macquarie
  8. How much could you conceivably drop on a $13k Clio? Buy a brand new Golf GTi and you'll drop $13k when you drive it off the forecourt!
  9. No, just the shiny grey, no fake carbon.
  10. Interesting. I have a 2013 which I think is called a cup, but not a trophee. It has all the stuff you mention above, but I don't think electric mirrors. Welcome to the murky world of Renaultsport cars, where the spec randomly changes from week to week... One other little fact. The 197 could be optioned with Xenons, although this is extremely rare. The 200 never came with Xenons, but the Angel and Demon special edition came with projector headlights. I've retrofitted these to mine since I do a lot of night driving.
  11. I think for people used to mid-range turbo grunt it might feel slow, but keep it between 4000 and the redline and feels pretty bloody alive. What a bargain for the price. $14 - $16k should buy a good one, perhaps with the belts due.
  12. 200 looks more butch than the 197, although I think the 197 is nice and subtle and has its own appeal. 200 usually (always?) comes with the cup chassis, so better handling and the steering was revised and is quicker. 200 could be optioned with Recaros, where the 197 only had them in the R27 special edition 200 has 3 more hp, but I think a closer ratio gear box so feels a bit quicker; the 197 I drove felt slower than my 182 cup back to back 200 has the RS monitor (telemetry with g force readings, acceleration times and other silly things) 200 has bluetooth audio streaming as well as phone (not sure if the 197 has this) 200 is a four seater (no centre belt) where the 197 seats 5. I may be wrong on a couple of details here, going from memory, but to me the 200 feels more focused.
  13. Tubbsy


    I had the rather odd experience that the first couple of long drives in the Recaros gave me a little sore back (felt like the lumbar didn't suit me), but after further exposure the sensation has gone away and not returned. I do a lot of long stints between Canberra and Sydney. I think it's not easy to judge whether a seat suits without extended time behind the wheel. If you buy a car with Recaros, I'd say there'd be plenty of eager people to swap out their standard seats if the buckets don't work out.
  14. Tubbsy


    Both handling (if not outright grip) and comfort are better on 18s, so I'm told, although I've only driven them on 19's and on those it's certainly firmer than a 182. Have a read here: http://www.evo.co.uk/renault/megane/6788/renaultsport-megane-250-cup
  15. That one offers both minijack and (limited) control of the pod, but the one I had only had a minijack option so I don't know how well the remote feature works.
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