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  1. bert

    Gday :)

    Welcome Rod, check out the Vic social section for OzRS drive days. Enjoy the 200
  2. Welcome Johnny... Are you going to be the new 1993Heritage? Dad will remember... Stay in school and don't pick on your sister
  3. Spoiler and tailgate extension?
  4. Awesome work, looks like my exhaust found another great home Please keep it shiny.
  5. Are you going to have three government officials present for the videoing of the draw? I hope so
  6. Welcome, going for black on black??? Sent from my iPad using Tapa-fkn-talk
  7. Welcome! The S2 hasn't been at Audvolks by any chance?
  8. Awesome work, you'll pass where we live on skyline SS at High Country. Drop me a line if you need anything from a local at the event (garage, tools, spare hands etc). Keep us updated on the events and include lots of pics of the build.
  9. bert

    New newbie

    Welcome, I'm central east Vic. People pointed at the clio at the supermarket a few times when I had it, presumably because they liked what they saw
  10. No existing harness mounting points AFAIK, I've had the seats out a couple of times. The only mount I haven't sorted out is drivers RHS because of the plasticy cover for seat height. I'm thinking of doing five point belt and getting the seat base modified so it comes through the seat and down to the floor. Four points seem to ride up too high above my hips whereas five points keep the lap belts down low on the hips. Drive in the spur are good run-in drives
  11. bert

    Possible VW Convert

    My MkV was a bucket - mates can't believe I've gone to RS to find a reliable ride. R36 is a fantastic car - nothing competes with it at that price point (exclude aussie cars for obvious reasons). My best mate has an R36, we competed in dutton rally, only beaten in our class by a previous gen RS4. Cars at this level (below 80K) all relatively cost the same to repair and or maintain. Buy an RS because you want a smaller car, you can't directly compare. I'd have and R36 and an RS in the garage if I could...
  12. bert

    definite VW convert...

    Hi Wolf, bert was a previous ride... silly things you do on the internet :wanker: Should hopefully have some nice new wheels for it in a couple of weeks hey wolf and it's good to be back - thanks for the welcome
  13. bert

    definite VW convert...

    T'was 'that cheap one in Melbourne'. No pics of the 'white one' as yet. Moving house and in-betweens. Will post some pics once settled in. I'm moving from Melbourne CBD to Taylor Bay in between Lake Eildon and Alexandra. Great driving roads for a little hatch here.
  14. Hi guys, quick hello . Continuing the VW R32 theme, I've bought an R27 at a really good price before I've sold my MkV R32, so I've got two loverrly hatches in the garage for hopefully a very short time. Wife is gonna kill me . I had a new RS 172 in flame red back a few years now and have gone to Subaru and three VW's, so full circle and back close to where I started. A longing for more simple, lightweight and chuckable motoring is the goal... and to not modify... must resist Ohhh and it's Andrew, not Bert. Don't ask
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