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Threads to move or merge?


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As part of the process in restructuring the forums, please inform us if you have seen a thread that you feel needs to be moved (or merged) to another section of the forum. An Admin/Mod will then assess and move/merge as required.


Simply post a reply here with a link to the thread. If you have found a similar thread to merge it with, then please also list that thread below it.


This will help us all navigate OzRS more efficiently, and will especially assist newbies.

Let's continue to keep OzRS the Number 1 resource for all things RENAULTsport :nod:

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A friendly reminder to let us know if you have seen a repeated thread that should be combined with another.


ie multiple "battery for my Clio" or "what insurance company..." or something else that comes up often enough.


Just post any links here and we'll do the rest :wink:

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First has now been moved to the non-technical section.

The second is fine as we don't have a Tech section for non-Renaultsport cars.


No, as it's not an actual car that is being advertised - it's a general thread about the lower run-out pricing.

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Hi Admins.

Seems over the years that two discussions have developed re "MOTORBIKES" one in the "Off Topic" in the lounge and the more used one "The motorbike thread", in "Non Renault Cars discussions", also in the lounge.

I have suggested there that the older and less used one be merged to the other. Final location is up to you guys.

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^ Thanks Ray. Have merged and left in Non-Renault car stuff as it's a stick thread there already.

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