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    Welcome@TristanWyatt great to meet you today, have a chat, and some traffic light heroics. Lovely looking meg4 and sounds the business too. Sent from my CPH1919 using Tapatalk
  2. So for anyone chasing new forum stickers in SE Qld, I have a bunch that can be purchased direct from me. Hit me up at a monthly gtg or drive event. Proceeds go to forum as with buying online. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  3. Airbag computer/ecu has fuel shutoff in built and will need to be replaced and reprogrammed by dealer to clear any airbag lights. CLIP tool is needed. A generic OBD2 tool won't work. Even if airbags and pretensioners haven't been deployed fuel cotoff is in this too. Older Clio 2s had a reset button the 3 doesn't. Sorry to see the car like that (having just had a 6 month $15k rear end rebuild on mine). Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  4. RS monitor only came when gordini arrived and batches of cars at the same time. Initial 200 launch and the launch of new rs logo on the 20th ae had manusl for RS monitor but not the right screen. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  5. It's fine and fully legit aside from data entry issues in the ad. It's one of the first batch of 200 cup specs that were delivered to Australia in early 2010. First and most obvious clue is no RS badge at front and old style RS badge at back. These weren't updated until the next batch and 20th AEs arrived in late June/July. The interior is definitely 200 cup as it's got 200 dials, radio and larger screen, seats, trim as well as cruise and Bluetooth etc. 200 cup wheels and black inserts. Keyed ignition was 200 cup as well (and gordini from memory as it didn't have all of the trophee spec stuff). Only upgrade seen in photos is the gear knob. Ie. It all looks fine and legit aside from being listed as a 197 instead of 200 and the build date being wrong (should be 2009). Edit: Until the hodge podge mess of whatever rolled off the production line for us in late 2011/2012 and also the S.E.s see the attached brochure for what Australia got. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk REN1650_Clio_RS200_Brochure.pdf
  6. So what's a status update? Lets see where this goes... :D


  7. Yep my thermostat failed open luckily. I suspected it had for ages but was told it was fine. Once I got a scan gauge hooked up permanently I could tell immediately that it was like this as it struggled to make/maintain 75C.
  8. On a positive note I emailed Tapatalk on the weekend as I bought pro back in 2010 for USD$1.99. Finally decided I should claim my non expiring membership which I am entitled to. Much better than paying the $14.99 they want for it now or the monthly ongoing fee. No annoying and intrusive ads for me anymore. They also replied to me today and after sending them a screenshot of my purchase receipt from back then and my username they had it sorted in less than half an hour. Some good service and a recent positive Tapatalk experience at last.
  9. Like the one at the top of the forum posted on the 6th. Doesn't show in tapatalk though. That said, is anyone elses forum showing dates as US style (mm/dd/yyyy). Trying to work out where to change this and not having much luck.
  10. Ooh yeah. Good work admins. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  11. Grrr. I hate Tapatalk for what they've done to their app and how they've treated forum users over the many years but at the end of the day they're basic system interface is good.
  12. Yeah mentioned that in my initial post on this. Having to click that every time you link something is a pain. However it appears now the embedding creates a little thumbnail where it previously didn't do that's neat. I miss Tapatalk.
  13. Interesting, I just tried this again on this page and got the above embedded link. Obviously from my screenshot before this didn't used to happen so not sure what's changed. Don't think Chrome has done any updates recently (not that I've seen).
  14. Cheers Paul. Something else which is weird is posting links in a thread to other threads. These are just straight copies from the address bar and it seems to do some weird auto formatting and convert it into an embedded link like it does an image or video. Obviously (to us at least) it's not one of these and it does give you an option just to display a link eventually but it's annoying that it does it none the less. Is there any way to see if we can avoid this but keep the automatic embedding of actual content. I also put up a screenshot of this so you can see what I mean.
  15. I got a Tapatalk app update yesterday. Login issue fix was in the release notes.
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