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New Kiwi member


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Good Evening All,


Rob here from Auckland , New Zealand.

I run an 01 Ph1 Clio 172 as a daily driver and track day thrash machine...


There is not a huge renault (or late model renault) following here really so I thought I would branch out across the ditch to make contact with fellow renaultsport fans.


So far I have fitted Brembo front rotors, green stuff pads and put braided brake lines through the car. For trackdays this is a must. Best money I spent on the car! The cats have also been removed and it has a new stainless 2 1/2 exhaust right through.


The car is otherwise standard as I use it everyday which is great because with petrol prices the way they are its also a great economical town car as im sure most of you know.


Anyway I look forward to joining the discussions shortly.

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welcome . have been across the ditch and its a lovely country you have . green , no crowds nice roads , and its much closer than melbourne , adelaide or perth :]

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Sunflower 172 : ) Nationals in NZ, im up for it!


Not sure on numbers but I have seen 2 other ph1's in the flesh. Once in 2001 when my boss bought one and recently when I saw another sunflower near where I live. Clio sports are super rare here.



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Wow....Sunflower Yellow. :D


Looks Awsome. :nod:


There aren't to many of them in Aus as far as I know. (Waits for Dish to tell exactly how many....)


Anyway, welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy.


Feel free to post more picts too ..... 8)


Cheers - Dave.

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Welcome aboard, very nice ride.

Dig the colour and the sig...quite amusing.

Are there many Renault dealers over there? always wondered where you guys get parts, just EBAY etc?

Anyways, keep it off that wall and enjoy.



ps: oh, is that rear spoiler standard?

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Cheers for the warm welcome guys!


Yea I like my sig too! quite true too!


There are only a couple of renault dealers I know of. One is about 500m from my house but I never go there because of the crazy prices. I can usually get basic parts through brake and clutch etc etc suppliers locally but it's never just off the shelf. I mostly look at the uk as I'm a member of Cliosport.net. Freight is a killer though!


The rear spoiler was an option when new. It's alot bigger than the others. I want to swap it for a cup or v6 one sometime.

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The only action shot I have of my car is a crappy vid I did on my iPhone of my dad having a run in it at Hampton Downs.

This was before we got the pressures in the tyres right so they were still a little squirly! We dont tend to have photographers at our trackdays so getting good shots is hard.


I do want to get some good 3 wheel shots though. This was my old mans first time in the car so was taking it easy but I was getting about 9 inches of lift from the left rear around this plunging hairpin. Great Track! My old man has been racing for about 40 years all over the world and works with Motorsport NZ developing and training young drivers aka Hayden Paddon (PWRC), Scott Dixon, Brendan Hartley (fmr Red Bull) and lately Mitch Evans. First time in a front driver on the track though so his brain took a bit of time to adapt!


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Welcome Parabolica! Love the phI in yellow. Dish can correct me if I'm wrong but I think there's only 4 is Aus :wink:

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