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Hello from the uk


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Howdy Jimmy,

Welcome aboard and it's only fair you nick some of our ideas. Seeing as how we've done the same :mrgreen:

Look forward to your posts.




but yes, that really is a photo of him.


...and i thought i was the only one who believed so. :wink:

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welcome to the forum james .


i'm in france on hols [ soon to head to uk to see the relos] and never seen so many renaults , although not many RS . will be keeping an RS eye out in the uk where you lucky guys are spoilt for choice .

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Self-referencing thread! The singularity approaches!

:rofl: ...rectified.

I'll tell ya that i just cut and pasted so i don't know what happened... but i know you're not fan of "excuses" :mrgreen:


WOLF explained.

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Welcome! Nice cars ! Love the green 172 I wish we got the green 182 here :(


Was there a green shade offered in the 182 range anywhere?


Check ClioII pic thread


Link please - cos there's 20 pages worth and I don't recall ever seeing a green 182, at least not one that came out of the factory like that.

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