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New to RS


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Hi all,

I have been lurking around the RS Megane III section for a while and thought I should say hi now I have ordered one. I have had Peugeots for years but this is my first Renault. I feel Peugeot lost the plot. I had been looking at VW golfs and almost committed to a Golf R but on seeing the RS 250 and the price I couldn't go past it. Unlike the early few mine won't be here till next year and it is driving me crazy already. After much thought I ended up going for a white Cup with leather interior. I liked the white with black accents and the black wheels. I am also worried about the ride being too harsh with the 19's. Coming from the harshness of the Pug I wanted something a bit more subtle over the bumps.

I look forward to sharing lots of good info in the future.


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Hi Pete,

nice choice of car.

Remember, the people here are friendly but they really, REALLY like photos.

So you better warm up your camera for the week your new car arrives, or someone will raise a ruckus.


BTW, I figure Peugeot pretty much gave up after the 205.

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Congrats on the order. Enjoy all of the hours you will now waste hunting the net for photos and videos of 250s 8)

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Hey Pete ... I see you have been around the Megane III section. Mate got my car this week ... what a cracker ! you will love it... the wait will be well worth it.


So who did you buy from?


I have had quite a few Renaults... an just as many if not more Peugeots. 205GTI, 405Mi16,306S16, 306GTI6 an a 406SV Special. I think they lost the plot at the 306GTI6 after that it went down hill.


Anyway's welcome to RS world ...you will love it !

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Welcome Auto.


I understand exactly where you're coming from, I cancelled a Golf R order in lieu of the 250.


It's a cracking, CRACKING car. Enjoy it when you get it.



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Well the wait is almost over!


I should pick up the new White RS250 tomorrow!!! I am so excited it has been a long wait...


For those of you interested I originally ordered a Cup back in November with the optional leather seats. Then in January I got a call saying there was a problem with the factory and they could no longer do leather seats in the Cup. Turns out the French workers union was having issues... So Renault said I could get a discount. But I really wanted leather seats. So I asked for Leather RECARO's and I got them!


So it should be the only Cup with leather RECARO's around.


Now I just can't wait to drive it.

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Look, I know I have one that I can look at anytime but.. Damn, those seats are just.. unh unnh UNH! :nod::nod::nod:

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Wow that's hot!!!

Fantastic car. Looks amazing! Mmmmmm.


Curiosity though... I think you're in a Cup Trophee with leather and 19-delete. Why do I think this? You've also got painted door handles and tinted rear glass? Does your car also have climate control and keyless entry/start?


Very unique!

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