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ozRS Country Bakery Run - Sun Sept 13th - QLD/NSW - See Social Events section for details/RSVP ×


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  1. Welcome to the 'Western Chapter' ! Congrats and am sure you are going to love every minute behind the wheel. Thinking that we need our next Perth Drive Day soon.
  2. Welcome ! Can I come and live with yooooouuuuuuu !!!! 'In France' = ultimate dream
  3. Welcome Matthew & Co. Keep an eye open for Drive Day in October. The more the merrier !!! Simon
  4. SaintClio

    Hi all :)

    Welcome Dave, they say that the older you are, the wiser you are ! See you soon on a drive day, I hope, Simon
  5. SaintClio

    Hi from WA

    Hi and welcome! Some great roads out around Toodyay. Keep a look-out for the next WA Drive Day and the French Car Day is on the 21st October, a great reason to give the 182 a spit & polish. Cheers, Simon
  6. SaintClio

    Hey from Perth

    Welcome Marcel! Hopefully we might have a 'WA Drive Day' soon and we may get see the new 'love of your life' in the flesh. Whatever you do . . . . just enjoy it!!! Simon
  7. SaintClio

    Newbie to OzRS

    Glad you enjoyed the Drive Day!!
  8. SaintClio

    Hi all

    Welcome, enjoy the Forum! Hope the wait for a 265 doesn't drive you insane. Simon
  9. Hi Fleets, if you're coming on the drive this Sunday, either Justin may have some or if not, i have a spare I can give you. Simon
  10. Welcome Crisco, Great looking car, hope to see it on a WA Drive Day soon. Simon
  11. Welcome, Great to see the Perth RS numbers on the increase. We will have to organise a Perth drive day soon. Great pics! Simon
  12. Welcome Buccaneer, Sure you will love the 182, great looking car! You couldn't have picked better roads for your test drive. Simon
  13. Welcome Arrow. What a fantastic late Christmas present!!! Sounds like we need to arrange another Perth Drive Day soon. Simon
  14. SaintClio

    Hi there

    Hi Rob, Welcome! Just watched your 2 videos, Wow, can't imagine being in a place and watching 23! V6 Clios parade past! Simon
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