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Hi Renault Forum People


I'm FRANK and I have a Clio!


I run my own investment company from home. So some days I don't get to see any people at all. However near end of financial year I spend a lot of time meeting with clients.


I'm not very old, I'm 24. My Dad bought me my Clio for my 16th Birthday. I learnt to drive in it, and it's been my only car and I've not found a reason to buy another.


Started my business from school and it really picked up, so after school I just worked or myself. NEVER HAD A BOSS!!!


I'm not too good with technology. So not to sure how to upload a photo. I don't even have a facebook or a space. The technology I do have I've had to pay someone to do it for me :oops:


I hope to meet you guys one day.



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Hi Frank, welcome aboard. Were a friendly bunch, most of the time.


Putting up a photo isn't to hard. You just need to make an account on somewhere like Photobucket, upload your photo's and them copy the IMG code and paste onto relevant post.




Hope this helps Frank, looking forward to seeing the beast. :wink:

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Welcome Frank.


As blue said, posting pics isn't too hard - look forward to seeing some eventually!

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Welcome Frank.


You must have been one of the youngest AFS license holders in the country!


Tell us more about your car. If you can borrow a digital camera or use a camera phone we can probably help you with repairing your tailgate.


And it'd be great to see the Clio!

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being frank , i cant wait to see the 4wd twin engined clio in action . must be nearly finished by now !!


pix or ban ..... as the young people say :P

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