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WRX to RS Megane Cup (+ Night Photoshoot)


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Greetings OzRS members,


Some of you may be familiar with my thread from late last year when I was contemplating a change to a Megane or GTI (see here for a few pics of the WRX: http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12998)


Well my circumstances changed in a big way about a month ago when my WRX was written off due to the hail storm in Melbourne (thanks to natural causes I now have my first ever claim which is of course "at-fault"!)


This consequently put me into car hunt mode! After being uninspired with the couple of Mk V GTI's I test drove: the body roll, overall soft feel, and lack of value for money with most not having options fitted (the DSG is however a nice bit of kit and the exhaust note is fantastic)...I drove a few Megane's which had the euro feel with the power of the WRX (maybe not the traction though at times :wink: )


After hunting around for a few weeks, driving an 05 Ph1 Cup, 08 Ph2 Cup, 07 Ph2 3dr Sport, I came across my new wheels...a 2006 Ph1 RenaultSport Megane 225 Cup in Blood Orange. With only the one 50 y.o. owner from new, just under 26k on the clock, full service history at City Automobiles, I picked it up a couple of weeks ago!




On the few short bursts I've had it seems it really comes alive when you link it up through some corners, and is surprisingly fast coming from a WRX with 145kw atw. I'm amazed at how drive-able it is at low revs, picking up in higher gears quite effortlessly. Definitely hanging for a good drive through Yarra Glen up to Mt Buller soon...


No major mods planned, which is a large part of the reason i went for the Cup, it already has most of the kit I'd want to upgrade (suspension, brakes, wheels). But I will require a bit more noise and a few minor tweaks in the audio department in the near future.


Will post up some proper photo's very soon! Hope to catch up with you all at a few cruises and events.




EDIT; went down to the Docklands last night with a mate who took some awesome shots...got the window's tinted on the weekend too, so here's a few until i get the rest :wink:











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congrats .


you sum up the car perfectly .


our little secret . the gti boys [ sorry ] girls will never ever know what theyre missing out on .


and the cops wont harrass like they do rice burners [ am not game to take the evo out on a double demerit weekend ]

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Hey Anthony,


Car looks great :), looks like you found a good buy!


Hope to meet you soon!



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Nice to meet you too dish, had an awesome time today getting to know the car and it's handling, traction and stability capabilites, which are very different to what I've had previously.

That being said it certainly surprised me today on the cruise with how well it corners for a 'standard' car..

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Well done mate.


Nice looking Cup ... hopefully lots of enjoyable motoring ahead


congrats .

and the cops wont harrass like they do rice burners [ am not game to take the evo out on a double demerit weekend ]


Don't bet on that one ... grrrrrrrr, although maybe I will know more in about 6 months :evil:

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Hi mate welcome to the forum :)


I always like these "I came from XXX and now I love my RS"


I would see if you can get a hold of an RS Tuner as that's the one mod that is a no brainer for the meggy. You can get them here:


http://www.fastchip.nl/Programming-Equi ... flyer.html


And here is a short video of how to upload the .cal file:




As far as extra noise goes a few people are rocking the blue flame exhaust (nice tips) but a quick and inexpensive way yo get more noise is to remove the "back box" or rear silencer.


Here is a couple of videos of the resultant sonorous note :P






Anyway welcome to the fold mate enjoy your car on the twisites, as you will soon find the only way to test it's limits is to get it on the track.

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Thanks Jeffster. At this stage not really interested in the RS Tuner (but that could change!).

There is something already in the works for the noise department, will post up when this is done...

Winton Fun Day coming up might be a go to see what it's like in that department

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Welcome to the forum mate, from a fellow BO RSMC owner.


Your car looks MINT!


BTW, on which side of town do you reside or commute? Be prepared for toots and flashes and waves from RS drivers.

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Cheers, daily travel routine is between donvale and tullamarine...so far i tend to see Toby in his Blue F1 here an there, but not many others!


Just had a little photo shoot last night with a mate of mine trying out a few things including rig shots...will post them up soon..

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