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newb, tell me about the renault clio sport 182 cup


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hey there, name is wal. i currently have a 05 evolution 9, before that i had a 01 honda s2000. basically, i come from a japanese car background, so im not too clued in on the euro scene. although my brother did own an 01 audi b5 rs4.

all i know is that euro cars have a tendency to be $$$ to maintain whereas japanese cars are more reliable and generally cheap to own.

the evolution is pretty good, but i found it to me more expensive to run than the s2000. the s2000 on the other hand was the best car i ever owned, had it for 7 years and not 1 issue with it at all.

but now its time for me to move on and i either want to get back into honda, im looking at the dc2r (integra type r) or the RS clio cup 182.

so tell me things i need to know such as:

ownership costs- are they generally ok. servicing, reliability, build quality

livability- i know its a small car, i like small cars, i drive in sydney traffic and like nimble cars, space isnt an issue, i dont have kids and its basically just me driving to and from work.

misc issues- tell me things about the car, such as the french quirkiness. i read good reviews in car magazine and evo magazine with regards to the trophy, but we dont get that here.

modifying- is the modifying scene and aftermarket support any good. can i get good upgrades, i know milltek do good pipe work, but what about tuning and such, is it cheap to mod or like a typical euro, it will empty ur bank account. my brother is modifying a civic with a b18c in it and he gets parts really cheap, plus its a really fun car to drive

anyway, cheers for any info

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Hi Wal,

- ownership costs- are they generally ok. servicing, reliability, build quality..... they a good overall on all counts.

- livability..... yep small, but so much fun. Drive one, you'll see. Very punchy little things, but to answer the question, i have a 3 year old in the back in a baby seat and then other days go hard on some mountain runs. No other small car compares with the clios versatility and shock factor in my opinion.

- misc issues- tell me things about the car, such as the french quirkiness..... whatever comes up, sucks at the time, but you fix it, quickly forget it, an move on. I have friends that have had some serious bad luck with jap cars too. I for one had an engine blow cause my radiator fan gave up for no reason right after a full inspection. Pot luck.

- trophy, but we dont get that here.... you can get a cup, and if you really want to, you can pretty much get all the trophy extras. From me or hunt them directly from overseas. But they can cost a bit for he serious stuff.

- modifying....as above, for genuine items. As well as a few local suppliers for aftermarket gear here, or again, hunt overseas. A little more, but it wont (or shouldn't) break the bank. Besides, if you're after a Clio cup, chances are you've heard good/great things, and/or you're bored of being in (and seeing) the same old things, yeah?

- Most important part, service it well and religously....as in by the book! Change the belts, don't skimp and look for the cheapest labour. Go for the best. As i said, i (we) can help you source cheaper quality parts, so get the best you can on service, and you'd be off to a really good start.

- When purchasing the car, look at history, and again, check belt changes above all else.

Hope ths helps.



ps: you said "please" when you asked, right? :wink:

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First of all welcome!


Secondly, Wolf said it all really.


I would just say, if you want to mod your car a lot (well to the extent that the JDMsters do), don't buy a Clio. For street use they are pretty much perfect but obviously for track work there are things to upgrade. If you are just looking at wheels, exhaust, intake, suspension, then that stuff is all available but a little more costly than the Jap stuff (Cause it's got to come from UK?Europe).


My good mate has a highly modded Sil80 and we went for a drive the other day and were talking about my basically stock 182 (except for springs & remap) versus his car. We agreed that most Jap cars need modding to be any good, whereas the Renaulsports are an awesome package straight out of the box.


A DC2R has lots more opportunity for modding, but it also has a stigma attached to it (like a WRX, Evo, Skyline, SIlvia etc etc) whereas the Clio enjoys a lot more anonymity, which I prefer.


I say, go and take a stock 182 Cup for a drive (hell, I take you for a spin in mine if you want) and then go and take a DC2R for a drive. Weigh up what you want the car for and what your want to use it for and then decide!

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hey, thanks for the replies. im over on the northern beaches of sydney. any good workshops on my side

and as far as servicing goes, are they generally every 10k km, or 5k km?


oh, and there r 3 rs clio 182 cups on carsales. benc's blue one, and 2 silver ones. im trying to decide which one would be the best option. they are all around 70-80k km, and around the $17k mark.

i think benc is a le model, so that makes it more desirable?

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It's basically just a cup with a slightly bigger rear spoiler and front splitter, but it is the limited edition colour of French racing blue so it depends if you like it over silver.

Keep in mind it has a very nice exhaust done for you!

If i didn't already own a clio... :twisted:


I also live around ur side of town so if you'd like a closer look at one let me know.


As far as servicing goes I go to the other side of Sydney to get mine done with Paul V. It's well worth it.

There is a french workshop in Forestville and i have seen a couple of clio's getting work done there but no idea on feedback. Servicing is every 10k kms or 6 months.


Just check if the one's ur looking at have the cambelt done already, if not you'll be needing to do that soon and budget about 2g for it.

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welcome wal,

the others here have already answered most of your questions, but before buying a Clio, I too was looking at an ITR DC2 but the ones I had looked at was either badly modded (dumped to the ground, 4" exhausts, massive carbon fibre wings, huge HKS and/or Mugen stickers and extremely low profile tyres) or badly looked after (hardly no log book/servicing history) . Good luck in finding a well looked after example.

The RSC is a much better everyday car than the ITR DC2, the lower down torque means less gear changing in city traffic, I can fit 4 grown men comfortably as well as carry a weeks worth of groceries. I too use it to go from work and it always leaves me with a smile. To me, in stock form, its the nearly the perfect BFYB driver's hot hatch.

In terms of performance and driving dynamics, the Clio197 is what the non-Jap spec ITR DC2 (Acura Type S)would have become. The 172/182 is a different beast to drive to the DC2. We have one member on a driveday mentioned he had to completely relearn how to drive the car when he traded his 172 to a R27 197 Clio.

Drive a 172/182 and see... make sure the car's engine and tyres are warmed up first before starting the fun!

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I own an LE (like the blue one, but mine's orange) and simply adore it.


It does everything I ask of it. Carries me to and from work with a minimum of fuss. Gets better than 10l/100k even in traffic. Carries PA systems. Runs tyres for 50ks before I need new ones, even with some "spirited" driving. CAMS compliant with 2 hours of work. Trackdays with no fuss.


Did I mention it's an absoulute HOOT to drive?


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Welcome to OZRS!


Some other things to consider are that the 182 Cup comes with climate control aircon, 4 airbags, EBD, ESP and traction control (can be switched off, although it isn't very intrusive). Also 182 Cups are newer than DC2Rs (2004/5 vs 2000/1).

Insurance is also cheaper with the 182 Cup than it would be with the DC2R.


As you've no doubt read in Evo magazine, the DC2R is a little more hardcore than the 182 Cup/Trophy, which was another reason I decided on the Clio as opposed to the Integra.


Some negatives, which in my opinion are outweighed by the positives:

- The driving position is a little odd, mainly the steering wheel position'

- The interiors do develop some rattles (nothing like a Peugeot 205 though...);

- Some of the plastics etc in the cabin are a bit cheap, but then it is a relatively cheap car.

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A Limited Edition Cup or F1 Cup is not worth hunting for over a normal Cup - you're not getting anything "worthwhile" as part of the package. (And that's coming from an LE owner.) Stripes, a slightly larger rear spoiler, a splitter (if the dealer bothered to fit it....) and a plaque in the F1's case isn't exactly worthwhile stuff IMHO.


The Racing Blue colour was also available as a "normal" option on other 182's. The orange seems to be an LE only colour, but there have been arguments about that previously with claims there are some non LE's in Australia.


Cup suspension can also be a limiting factor for aftermarket shocks, whereas a non Cup has a lot more choice off the shelf (eg. Koni top adjustables etc) without resorting to coilovers.

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There was 1 BO 182 non-cup that was fitted with Cup Wheels. i should know, i almost bought it about 18 months ago.


As murcod said only real difference was the rear spolier (which does look better IMO)

FRB was available on cups only, although again there is a FRB non cup out there

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welcome !! you will like the 182 . great fun and very chuckable . i have a modded evo .. it costs HEAPS to run compared to the meggy R26 .


remember , the RS cars dont need modding like jap cars do as they get it right first time . thats the difference . drove the R26 in total comfort and with great economy and good performance to winton nats last year , then did the track where it handled beautifully , then drove it home on the windies and it did it all . totally unmodified .


also , the RS cars have torque , unlike the jap ''sports'' motors which have no torque and have that silly high rev thing . i have both a 2zz and a k20a and disliked that about them ...both are now supercharged to overcome the lack or torque , thats just not an issue in RS [ or most euro ] cars . i suspect its something to do with an immaturity in the japanese sports motor buyers who equate big revs and a 'kick in the back 'at 6600 with performance motoring , which of course it isnt . mitsu have less of a problem than honda and toyota there .


so , dont think you have to modify the 182 like you do a jap car . its pretty much correct straight out of the box . an exhaust maybe , but stock is just about perfect .


hope you join us ! its a great place to be .

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Check timing/accessories belts have been done as they are $1800 and have to be done at 4 years regardless of the kilometers & should make a massive difference to purchase price of car. If you want to drive fast, definately have to get a Cup to get the lowered track suspension, naff all difference between the 172 & 182 in a straight line but the 182CUP has all the luxury goddies to make life nice & 205/45/16's where I think the 172CUP's had 15's ?


I'll get heckled for this but I'd say the 182cup is the love child of an Alfa and WRX, fast & relaible yet with that italian sort of emotion & yes they squeak and rattle over rough roads but it has a rock solid chassis & only weighed 1050kg. Enzo Ferrari said, from me, you buy an engine and running gear and the coachwork is free so don't complain & similar philosophy at Renault. CUP 182 is 95% of the trophy fun for a fraction of the price.


You'll either love it or hate it depending on your personality I'd recomend, keepit stock and enjoy sliding it arround on 3 wheels instead of killing the fun by trying to modify it, chasing an extra half second on the track.

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^ yep , the hondas are better built than the evos . the main cost with the evo is the mods , esp after i blew a motor after a bad tune [ too lean !!! ] . have a list of mods as long as your arm . and bills too prove it but theres nothing as fast for the money . it is QUICK :]


but what i like about the R26 .. stock is perfect and its costs zip to run . petrol / oil .. enjoy ! the 182 is the same .


btw , there a thread on jdmstyle forum on my car with the k20a if you're on that forum . '' lotus with a jdm twist '' . dynoed at 216kw atw recently :] :]

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thats true, but from what ive been reading, a lot of people say the 182 cant get much more without spending crazy money (relative to the value of the car). stuff like intakes and exhaust dont seem to do much.

i know NA tuning wont yield much compared to FI tuning, but the honda scene is relatively cheap compared to the euro scene. i guess it boils down to supply and demand. not much volume with renault in oz unfortunately.

ill know more after viewing the car

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RSTuner http://www.fastchip.nl/Projects/RSTuner.html does alot - its a piece of equipment you connect to your ecu to datalog and then load new maps for your car, everyone raves about them.

and then theres a fair bit of junk in the car that you can strip.

Battery relocations allow for better use of induction kits- a few of us here, evilb66, leventis, myself (and others from memory) have boot batteries and 45degree intakes instead 90degree intakes since there is better flow into the TB.


Also a high flow cat should do you good. 100 cell i think is illegal but 200 cell shouldn't get you into trouble, as the cat is where the bottleneck is on the back end.


supercharger and turbos are both options, however too costly in most people's eyes to import a kit. Building something custom is a track you can choose to venture, if you know enough greasemonkeys.


ITB's (In the bum's or Throttle Bodies) have been done by a few here - and they're great - not as expensive as a turbo AFAIK. I'm not sure if they're road legal in Sydney though (someone could clarify this).


Trust me, there's enough to have fun with the car and change for little gains, they're fun little things you can do at home, or read from guides, but not alot in terms of big kW gains.

That being said, they honestly don't need more grunt - go and fang one through a set of twisties and tell me you're using the whole car's potential.


One other thing - the main difference is that when you buy a RS you gain a family community - everyone here has a wealth of knowledge, plus there's no real dickheads like on the jdm forums, with their big ego's and big engines to compensate for their little.... anyways i think you get the point. :D

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The thing is, the power modding is not so much priority on the FWD Clios. From what i understand (and personally look for) is improving handling (grip), less weight, power delivery (from rs tuners to lsds).

There are custom Turbo kits if this really does it for you.

182 cups are for those who say "thanks very much for tuning the crap out of that Clio for me!"

all done rather well, all by factory, and not by something-speed.

Fine tuning is an option, but not necessary. They have great reviews all over the world for a reason.



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thats true, but from what ive been reading, a lot of people say the 182 cant get much more without spending crazy money (relative to the value of the car). stuff like intakes and exhaust dont seem to do much.

i know NA tuning wont yield much compared to FI tuning, but the honda scene is relatively cheap compared to the euro scene. i guess it boils down to supply and demand. not much volume with renault in oz unfortunately.

ill know more after viewing the car

hi wal,


I used to be in the modified JDM scene and believe me, it's just as expensive to tune an integra type-r, engine and suspension wise to do better on the track than it is stock. The 182Cup is in the same state of tune, except Renaultsports set up for B-road country touge-like conditions. Its also set up more for torque instead of high end horsepower, so modifying it for substantial performance gains is going to cost more. If you're handy with tools and just want a raw race car, there's a member here who races regularly and have done a great job in extracting more performance at least cost.


The Civic is another kettle of fish, the stock Aus-spec EG was meant to be a good looking quality shopping cart and as such, is fantastic for modding, there are lots of kits out there to improve the car, notably from Japan and US. BUT its 10K second hand, you'll spend a bit more doing it just to get it to the RS182 level of power and handling. And if you want to do it right you'll probably want to get reputable setups like you get from Spoon or Seeker, who have been setting up these things for years but expensive. And when then customised parts stuff up or wear out, it's not sometimes easy replacing those hmmm sometimes like the Clio. Having said that, I have seen beautifully set up Civics where the owners have spent $20K or more do 1.10 on Wakefield Park, which is about 4 seconds faster than the stock 182Cup.


Best of luck in your hunt for a car!! Just go and test drive, I'm sure you'll make up your own mind.

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  • 3 months later...

Just randomly going through posts and followed this thread till the end. I just upgraded from a 172 to a 182 cup (hail damage took out my 172). Silver to Racing Blue. Boy there is quite a bit of difference between the 2 cars. Driving the 182 is so much more direct, and the power is quite a bit more. I think the directness comes from a Cup over the standard sport.... I have troubles at time changing gears fast enough from first to second because once you hit 5k rpm hitting 7k takes a second! God it is fun to drive. Now I am looking at replacing the stereo, and speakers, tinting and getting decent mags. Man the stock mags don't do the car justice!

On a different note, does anyone happen to know what the speaker sizes are throughout the car? I want to replace them all :)

I have to add, man there are a lot of decent people here with great advice. After searching over most of the damn net this site rocks the most on info! Totally amazing!!

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