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  1. Test drive both back to back. That will help you decide.
  2. I'm surprised Ozclio03 hasn't responded yet. Unless he has something material to say, it looks a like a pretty strong case for Riley. Shameful act, if this is the case.
  3. Funnily enough I'm in KL at the moment. Saw one RS Megane yesterday. Very rare in these parts.
  4. icecup

    RS 265 Cup+

    Welcome mate. Hope it will be an enjoyable experience.
  5. icecup

    G'day from Adelaide!

    Get a well maintained 182 or 182 Cup. As fast as a GTA in a straight line, faster around corners, plus more fun to drive and cheaper to maintain. That's my 2c.
  6. And an excellent photographer. hahaha hardly
  7. Whoever helped you with the purchase of this car must be a champion
  8. Yes, does make it uncomfortable at work, and it's hypnotizing... Not pitching a tent are ya
  9. i love r27s...sometimes so tempted to buy one even though i dont need another car.
  10. Looks like better weather than Melbourne.
  11. GTA Pros: Exterior, noise, interior, engine Cons: Factory handling, realiability, high maintenance costs 182 Pros: Factory handling, low maintenance costs, puts a bigger smile on my face, engine, seats Cons: Interior, not as good looking as GTA
  12. Portti, Do you still have your Abarth 500?
  13. i really should get my wheels done in black
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