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Hi from ACT!


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Hi there gents and ladies!


Poki here from the ACT.

Been into Peugeots for a while and have previously owned a 406 SV and my wife currently owns a 206 GTi 138.

Looking to update the 206 to an 05' Megane 225 Sport Cup.

If you have any info or opinions on the swap please feel free to shout out. I'll have a search thru the forum cos i'm sure there is info out there but i just thought i'd say a friendly hello!





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Hi ya Tim,


Welcome .... Like you i have had my fair share of Peugeots, 205GTI,405Mi16,306S16,306 Gti6 and a 406 SV Special .... i didnt have much choice as Renault were not sold new at the time. But since then i have come back with a few new Renaults.


I have had a Megane 225 Ph1 Cup, great car loved it. Another forum member ended up buying my old car.


So have you seen one your thinking about buying ?


So what ever you want to know ... just ask away.



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Cheers guys for the replys.


I currently have a 2002 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA so i like to dabble in the Italians as well.

I've not seen one but i've been trawling thru carsales and all that and there are 3 or so that look pretty promising. It looks like orange is the only colour at the moment altho there is a silver one around.

Is there anything to look for in the PhII megane 225 SC that could go pear shaped? I have heard the old addage that French cars can be crap but as i've owned a few with no major issues i know that its garbage. well, almost garbage.

Cheers in advance!



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