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Greetings all,

I've been lurking here for a good 2 years or so. I didn't have a Clio so there really wasn't anything

to post. The new forced registration forced me out into the open :) It has ended up happening

just in time too. My faithful 1986 Nissan Pintara breathed its last a few days ago (stop laughing

you lot) and so the time to acquire a Clio is finally arrived.

Test drove my very first one on Tuesday (was a very nice 182 Cup and I couldn't stop grinning

even while driving a different car back home.) In the midst of negotiations at the moment so

should (fingers crossed) have one by next week. Pics to follow soon after. Hope to meet a few

(or more) of you on a drive day or something.





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My face is bruised Dom...


Welcome mate!!


U looking at that bargain orange one in Melb? i cant believe how CHEAP it is!!!!


good luck!



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I just read u bought it in another post. CONGRATS!!!!


have heaps of fun mate. get along to a social function soon





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Hi there & welcome Icarus :)

Did you get your orange 182 from a guy named Terry? I am still kicking myself at having missed that one...

There's another in Melbourne but I forget his handle... nice guy named Trevor, but haven't seen him online for a bit.


Cheers, Dish.

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Yes, I did get the car from Terry. Really nice guy and real car enthusiast too, he had a dodge viper gts at one point. He showed me pictures it. very very nice.



3 oranges is a good number. I know someone in Sydney who has a red mazda 3 mps, he got together with 2 others with identical cars and the pictures were really nice, they took a few at the olympics' site which came out really well. something similar would be sweet :)

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