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  1. 5 zip would be acceptable after the disgraceful performance in the UK
  2. Yozza mate, make sure you are present in Brisvegas for day 1 of the ashes next year. You have something of ours that we need back!
  3. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    n/s/f guard 179.68 n/s/f guard sup bkt 6.35 n/s headlamp 412.60 front bumper cover 407.49 n/s driving lamp 109.98 n/s lower bar vent 40.25 lower splash shield 75.87 n/s/f guard liner 96.61 n/s/f guard liner clips x10 37.40 grille 586.50 n/s front bar washer jet 23.65 n/s/f seat trim cover 309.84 n/s/f skirt exterior 211.92 n/s/f bar sup bkt 34.37 n/s headlamp panel 100.53 bonnet 373.37 n/s/f mag 329.07 radiator support panel 387.66 n/s/f shock absorber 128.67 stabiliser bar 166.31 stabiliser bar bush 20.04 stabiliser bar clip 17.01 bush a/r bar 22.06 clamp stab bar 10.65
  4. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    Had another quick look at the crash site. There was a square gutter. I now fear suspension damage. What will that set me back?
  5. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    yep! I thought that sounded weird, had a brain block
  6. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    ehhehhehehhe, $10,000, Jokes.... That's really not that funny
  7. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    Ok This is what I have so far Bumper reinforcer $215.57 Bumper reinforcer support $49.19 Front Sub frame $1057.06 Headlight $300 Wing $190 RH quarter panel $1022.26 Splitter $400 Front left wheel refurb $100 Still need Drivers side mirror Not sure if the headligth price I got was for a 182, as I will need halogen. Also how much do they charge to spray panels? That's 3500 already. This is really going to hurt. I think it will all cost around 6000
  8. GFK

    Cost of Renault Bits

    Anyone one to make a guess of what it will cost me? Front sub frame front left panel front bumper One wheel refurb 3 flats, one shredded Front left headlight with xenon Paint Oh, yeah, I have decided not to replace the front fog light, I will instead route my intake for the K&N there after painting it orange to match the car
  9. GFK


    yes, a warm orange greeting to you
  10. welcome...you sound like Borat. No offense, we like Borat much. It is nice. Yes
  11. Welcome to club orange (that makes about five of us now) A few questions 1. Stripes or no stripes? 2. Splitter or no splitter? 3. Post some pics?
  12. GFK

    POM just arrived

    Brisbane is the best by far. It's always dry, doesn't matter that we are on severe water restrictions. Melbournes great if you like to drive in the wet and don't mind that any of your footy teams never make the finals anymore! (sorry, that was low)
  13. Yeah I was told there was some unique interior trim as well
  14. GFK

    It's Orange!

    Mine didn't come with one but I walked into the dealer 4 months later, saw one of the back seat of a 182 cup and said "hey that belongs to me". Unbelievably they said okay have it...and we will fit it for free. I was shocked but pleased.
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