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Need advice R26 or 250 Cup?


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Hi all, I’ve been lurking for while and think now is the time I take the plunge and purchase my first French car. Coming from a Japanese car background I must admit I’m a little scared of what owning a French car will mean for my hip pocket.

I’m torn between 2 Megane models, the F1 R26 or a newer 250 Cup. I’ve got around $17,000 to spend but can’t decide between them. The car will purely be a weekend toy and not a daily driver. It may see the odd track day but I already have a race car that currently fills that need.

I prefer the looks of the R26 over the 250 but part of me is saying why buy an older model that will likely have more issues as it ages when you can get something newer with the same kms for the same money?

Is the exclusiveness you get with the R26 worth the same money as the 250? I do plan on keeping the car long term and for that reason the R26 appeals to me.

Any advice?

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The 250 is hands down a better drive, and would be (was) my choice.

Before the Meg 2 owners lose their minds over the point above, its just fact, get over it! 😉

BUT, this really all depends on what your plans for the car are. If you want collectable and plan to leave it stock and appreciate then go the R26, it will ultimately be the better car in that respect, they are quirky cool, and a good example should be low maintenance. If you are planning to mod it, track it, change it then get a 250. Its a better car in every respect that matters as a platform for a modding project.

As for running costs and maintenance, it really depends on what you're coming from.

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The 250 is a better car, but the R26 is my pick. Having had both, the 250/265/275 is a faster, more powerful car, but the R26 was just a little bit cooler. 
With a rear muffler box delete, it sounds better too 😎



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I had an R26 for about 4 years, and have had my current 265 8:08 for about the same time. Both are great drives. I skipped the 250 because it doesn't come in Liquid Yellow !

The 250/265 is undoubtedly quicker, better finished, and better equipped. The R26 will drive you nuts with failing window regulators (I replaced mine twice) and dodgy seat bolsters, but the 250 also has issues around broken interior door handles and broken gearbox mount bolts - of course none of these issues are deal breakers. When I had my R26 I had a front strut fail (leak) and so did a full front end refresh - parts are easily obtained from the UK where there is a very strong Reno and particularly RS following.

No F4RT is a nice sounding motor - regardless of what piece of exhaust you hack off.....

As they're both aging models (the R26 is now 15 years old) your purchase might come down to the best car you can find for the price.




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The only thing I'd add and this isn't from any driving experience is there is still two (I think) pretty good R26 in requisite LY for sale now. I can't recall there ever being more for sale simultaneously and lots have been in poor condition. Otherwise as Justin suggests above, best available may come into play in which case there are some very good Meg 3s up now and prices have corrected a bit.

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