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  1. JimC

    Greetings All

    Thanks speedfiend - yes steering is particularly good on the toyobaru twins. Wouldn't be going down the tuning path, but tyres I agree on.
  2. JimC

    Greetings All

    Pleas do tell. I am mildly obsessed with Meg III 275 Trophy /Cup Premium as a BRZ replacements. Are you in a position to share your thoughts on the 2?
  3. JimC

    Greetings All

    Long time autofrancophile and have almost pulled the trigger on a Clio and Meg II in the past, however I keep ending up with interesting Japanese cars in the garage. Love the slightly left of centre, enthusiastic and underground scene of RS cars in Oz. And how there are almost always Renaults being driven on their door handles at events I do. They remain such sleepers to most. I will address my relevant question to the Meg forum!
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